YBN Almighty Jay & Dream Doll "Snow-White" Flawless Grills

3-Sen, 2019
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#YBNAlmightyJay #DreamDoll #FlawlessGang
Exclusive Grill made by the one and only Johnny. Dang. We get a sneak preview from the eyes of Dream doll herself!
About Johnny Dang and Co:
If you ask Travis Scott, Beyonce, Lil Jon, and other big names in hip hop where to find the best grillz and customized jewelry in H-Town, they'll undoubtedly send you to Johnny Dang, “the jeweler to the stars.” Johnny started out small and ever since has single-handedly changed the way that entertainers accessorize. His Houston store offers the best of the best. That includes engagement rings, watches, and other fine designer pieces. Whatever you’re in the market for, you can be sure that all of Johnny’s creations will shine just as bright as the rare diamonds they’re made of.
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  • My boi Johnny ain't letting that slide lol he 5'2

    Edwin HernandezEdwin Hernandez8 oy oldin
  • music intro ?? thank you so much

    Đức AnhĐức AnhYil oldin
  • Oh cerggggg

    RichBoy CYRichBoy CYYil oldin
  • #flawlessgang

    RichBoy CYRichBoy CYYil oldin
  • #dymondflawlessgang

    RichBoy CYRichBoy CYYil oldin
  • yo

    Deandre NewtonDeandre NewtonYil oldin
  • How you gone go into this mans place ah bidness an talk about his height ? Cancel dat bit

    Fredd BricksFredd BricksYil oldin
  • Somebody gon beat his ass and take those too 😂

    Blank BlankBlank BlankYil oldin
  • Ước gì đó được bộ răng

    khánh Phươngkhánh PhươngYil oldin
  • Johnny got hella nervous when his 5’2 height was gettin exposed 😭😭

    Chief KeeceChief KeeceYil oldin
    • We you I was able to see you I will let it 😁 My party is at a I was going to see the doctor today for I used it is not

      Yo JayYo JayYil oldin
    • I will get back in touch with my party when you yuyjmm you I have been

      Yo JayYo JayYil oldin
  • This old I remember wen they went to that man

    BeatbykeBeatbykeYil oldin
  • Them foolz look like brother and sister lol

    Gee QueGee QueYil oldin
    • @Stefanie Gore Frfr though I was looking like damn they look too much alike......Scary thought lmao 😂

      Gee QueGee QueYil oldin
    • Q C 😂😂😂for real tho. Look like his big sister.

      Stefanie GoreStefanie GoreYil oldin
  • Dreamdoll I can sit there and look at her and fantasize about her all day she's a beautiful natural woman😍😍😍

    Big TreBig TreYil oldin
  • Anh cho hỏi mình dùng sáp hay silicon như kẹo cao su vậy ạ

  • My mans is petty 😂😂😂😂😂

    Kernell WarnerKernell WarnerYil oldin

    Dante' 317Dante' 317Yil oldin
    • Dante' 317 Check this out ✅👇✅ uzworld.info/player/video/aYeZrteJmte8anQ

      Dee WhoShotYaDee WhoShotYaYil oldin
  • Is flawless 100% real?

    Dajour SmithDajour SmithYil oldin
    • Calvon Smith flawless just means there is not imperfections in the diamond when you look at it under a microscope

      PierreTheGreat OnePierreTheGreat OneYil oldin
  • Get your chain on boy hahaha

    Peter MasaniPeter MasaniYil oldin
  • When you step on your dogs toes 3:15

    BenBenYil oldin
    • Bruh 😂

      JamesJamesYil oldin
  • Johnny johnny really 6ft

    JondonJondonYil oldin

    KTTKTTYil oldin
  • Jonny need some new quality 😭

    Ashley WilsonAshley WilsonYil oldin
    • Shut ur ass up

      idkPUREidkPUREYil oldin
  • Clout chasing, she tryna be in front of the cam too much. Both them so lame. Weak nigga got his chain snatched hopefully he got a strap now or he just blowin money

    bmajeed5bmajeed5Yil oldin
  • Kinda late to post this 👀

    MagiikzifyMagiikzifyYil oldin
  • Ha he put this out after tht break up 😂

    BBYil oldin
  • 😁😁😁

    YBN Almighty JayYBN Almighty JayYil oldin
    • They permanent

      idkPUREidkPUREYil oldin
  • Love that instrumental beat

    Alive On LifeAlive On LifeYil oldin
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      Dee WhoShotYaDee WhoShotYaYil oldin

    Starr WilliamsStarr WilliamsYil oldin
  • Johnny tries so hard to be a gangsta. Sorry buddy but go back to making my chicken teriyaki

    Brian KeithBrian KeithYil oldin
    • How he trying to be gangsta 😭 he rich and famous you broke and racist

      Silvr GoldSilvr GoldYil oldin
    • Why you hating on a rich chigga bro

      Ronan FireBloodRonan FireBloodYil oldin
  • D A N G G A N G - flawlessgang

    henkdachiefhenkdachiefYil oldin
  • My young lyfe is cool af and humble now

    PL LyonsPL LyonsYil oldin
  • I’m finna punch this ybn 🤡 one dayBET

    The Raulacious89 showThe Raulacious89 showYil oldin
    • The ybn crew gunna fuck ur ass up

      idkPUREidkPUREYil oldin
  • Hopefully no1 steals his grill like his chain and then have J prince get him his grill back after mad people try wearing em in they mouth

    coleby worthencoleby worthenYil oldin
    • coleby worthen Easy there cowboy

      Anthony FamAnthony FamYil oldin
  • Damn bruh I'm really disappointed in Almighty jay because Damn bruh you rapping and making money yet that's yo girl, like bruh you can do way better that her busted ass and tbh she isn't even lady like, like how nahmirs girls is cuz nahmirs girl is pretty bomb but jays girl is all big and dresses kinda like a dude but Damn shes all bigger than him in height and size like I woukd at least want a slim girl not some chubby girl and why does she want grills too like bruh she be acting like a guy cuz I saw nahmirs girl and she is actually what a woman should dress like and look and act because she wouldn't be asking nahmir to get her grills also its only because almighty jays girl is ghetto but dresm doll is not bomb

    ElSicario 253ElSicario 253Yil oldin
  • Everyone loves Johnny 😎

    Sal MSal MYil oldin
  • Shout-out Johnny dang remember my name cash I'm be a member of the flawless gang

    cash tvcash tvYil oldin
    • fr yea swag 🤑

      11Yil oldin
  • Johnny you PETTY 😂

    M trizzyM trizzyYil oldin
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      Dee WhoShotYaDee WhoShotYaYil oldin
  • Get them barz right first

    Willy Will MistadontplayWilly Will MistadontplayYil oldin
  • If you’re reading this check out my music I really do appreciate it💯🔥🔥

    Hopson FamilyHopson FamilyYil oldin
  • JD the only real one out there

    Quickclap1Quickclap1Yil oldin
  • soundcloud.com/quabeenuh

    QuabeenuhQuabeenuhYil oldin
  • Brazil my friend

  • JD the best in the game no cap

    ApollosApollosYil oldin
    • Johnny dang is tha goat when it comes to jewelry

      Wild Offroad King ExplorerWild Offroad King ExplorerYil oldin
    • Apollos yezzz ziirrrrr

      Texas pipe fitterTexas pipe fitterYil oldin
    • YESSSS

      Wild Offroad King ExplorerWild Offroad King ExplorerYil oldin
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    PerezPerezYil oldin
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    PerezPerezYil oldin