Westside Gunn Custom Design Pendant

27-Avg, 2019
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Westside Gunn fly directly to Johnny Dang and Co to pick up his custom pendant with 1,000's of diamonds.
About Johnny Dang and Co:
If you ask Travis Scott, Beyonce, Lil Jon, and other big names in hip hop where to find the best grillz and customized jewelry in H-Town, they'll undoubtedly send you to Johnny Dang, “the jeweler to the stars.” Johnny started out small and ever since has single-handedly changed the way that entertainers accessorize. His Houston store offers the best of the best. That includes engagement rings, watches, and other fine designer pieces. Whatever you’re in the market for, you can be sure that all of Johnny’s creations will shine just as bright as the rare diamonds they’re made of.
Johnny Dang & Co Online
Facebook: facebook.com/tvjohnny/
Twitter: twitter.com/johnnydangandco
Instagram: instagram.com/johnnydangandco
UZworld: uzworld.info
TikTok: vm.tiktok.com/5Rr4BY/
SnapChat: www.snapchat.com/add/johnnydangandc0
Website: www.tvjohnny.net

  • I love my brother Johnny Dang but he is the most awkward dude in front of the camera 😄

    dabatoirdabatoir7 kun oldin
  • those are so ugly. I cant wait until royal king jewelry gets popular again

    PathisNarrowPathisNarrowOy oldin
  • Does Johnny make it or his workers

    Logan GoldaLogan GoldaOy oldin

    Chris RawlsChris RawlsOy oldin
  • Boi West Side Gun swaggg crazy.

    Marcus VailMarcus Vail2 oy oldin

    mikerap240mikerap2405 oy oldin
  • The detail isn’t that great, like it’s not exactly identifiable when you look at it. Very icy though

    N MilliganN Milligan7 oy oldin
  • Love how Johnny say "yes sir"

    Deej PriceDeej Price10 oy oldin
  • Come on idiots and spend ur hard earned money with non blacks sending their kids to college wen u can take ur chain money and send a black kid to college dumb asses

    trucklife2002 20trucklife2002 2010 oy oldin
  • clean as fuck

    Marcela HernandezMarcela Hernandez10 oy oldin
  • Give the devil back his loot for jewels that aint worth anything really aint worth shit look it up

    Amir SpellmanAmir SpellmanYil oldin
  • FlyGod The Awesome God

    Bugzzy BanksBugzzy BanksYil oldin
  • so many noise makers around the neck wonder how much it costed him

    BayanTheOneBayanTheOneYil oldin
  • Mannnnnnnnnnnnn 0_o

    Prod. By Cod3RedProd. By Cod3RedYil oldin
  • Funny how people know how somebody else should spend their money. Work for it and then you can do all the "noble" things you claim you would do. Westside did the work and rewarded himself how he saw fit. Nice chain..

    romanromanYil oldin
    • Facts. People always wanna talk about spending money because they’re broke

      Zack JohnsonZack Johnson7 oy oldin
  • Yes sirrrr!!! LOL

    Edi BEdi BYil oldin
  • Woow, grown up men looking like woman!

    banjo Speleebanjo SpeleeYil oldin
    • Jyon Martin, why the butt hurt, B?

      BayanTheOneBayanTheOneYil oldin
    • Stfu

      Jyon MartinJyon MartinYil oldin
  • These brothers know how to enjoy the finest in life. fk the haters.

    Minh HuynhMinh HuynhYil oldin
  • I feel bad for my cousin Daringer who is not reaping any of these benefits. Dude got shafted big time.

    Vincent LopezVincent LopezYil oldin
    • ?

      Facts VillainFacts VillainYil oldin
  • How much was that y’all think about 60k?

    Pretty ass Willie lunch meatPretty ass Willie lunch meatYil oldin
  • That piece is wild. Clean work too, the detail is on point with the original drawing. Which makes it even more of an art piece. #PraisebetoFlyGod If the chain was longer by a couple links it would be even better

    It aint Ralph tho.It aint Ralph tho.Yil oldin
  • Big dumb blackie 😂

    melekeymelekeyYil oldin
  • My broda Wes size

    Alan GreenAlan GreenYil oldin
  • Yo you flying out here for gems how bout doing a show?!

    clrkkdd12clrkkdd12Yil oldin
  • WSG lowkey brolic🤣

    Mighty HealthyMighty HealthyYil oldin
  • Come from poverty and waste ur money on shit like this smh

    M JM JYil oldin
  • That piece is tuff

    Randolph MichelRandolph MichelYil oldin
  • Another black sucker got ripped off by the smart Asian church

    Lendzemo JoachimkimengLendzemo JoachimkimengYil oldin
  • It could have been more personal details on face

    PL LyonsPL LyonsYil oldin
  • Dude Only Care About Is Cash Im Telling You #WSG #FlyGod

    Yalowboi GmGYalowboi GmGYil oldin
    • Wow really

  • Man bring the long chains back the chokers are cool but they look way better longer

    KCKCYil oldin
  • Dumbass ya look stupid

    Elogik SupremeElogik SupremeYil oldin
  • All this choker wearing needs to stop, leave that for the females. Looking mad sus

    NegroDamusNegroDamusYil oldin
    • Hey Average, is everything okay at home?

      Daniel FluryDaniel FluryYil oldin
    • @DatBwoiXERXESdem the mere fact your initial comment you called me a cuck, means you're already sus from the jump

      NegroDamusNegroDamusYil oldin
    • Average S4v4g3 thats some sus shit you just mention there buddy....super sus

      DatBwoiXERXESdemDatBwoiXERXESdemYil oldin
    • @DatBwoiXERXESdem who TF said anything about 40inch chains, you dumb niggas just like the sus goofy ass looking shit. Bet you the type to sell your backdoor for the right price

      NegroDamusNegroDamusYil oldin
    • He wants a 36 inch dookue rope chain i guess 😂😂😂

      DarKshine DaKidDarKshine DaKidYil oldin
  • "Love to see young blacks get money" - Dr.Dre

    Marq NashMarq NashYil oldin
    • #Still....👑💯👑

      X HussX HussYil oldin
  • nigga betta save dat cash. . what would jay-z do? that how you gotta think.

    cameron sheppardcameron sheppardYil oldin
  • Im most definitely wit it. Live ya life Fly God💯💪🏾💯💪🏾

    BinLyed 2BinLyed 2Yil oldin
  • DOPE!!

    Omar WilliamsOmar WilliamsYil oldin
  • Westside gaining weight

    Tavon BTavon BYil oldin
  • Ballin' ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

    Xxxx Big RichXxxx Big RichYil oldin
  • What a weird thing. Black men now paying to be put in chains... a lot of them are very feminine too... Strange industry.

    Prototype 81Prototype 81Yil oldin
    • Prototype 81 its a necklace, relax with the slavery chain reference you uncultured swine

      DatBwoiXERXESdemDatBwoiXERXESdemYil oldin
  • Proud of these niggas

    Brooklyn SaratogaBrooklyn SaratogaYil oldin
  • I like how people make the chains like chokers nowadays so it dont get taken

    stev- Ostev- OYil oldin
    • BIG CHIVO lmfao who from you ? u gon be a sacrifice stealing another nigga chain boy

      HustlerKidHustlerKidYil oldin
    • Shit still get took

  • this nigga spent all his money on jewelry.

    stev- Ostev- OYil oldin

    ShadowedSoundsRecordsShadowedSoundsRecordsYil oldin
  • The chain on it is too short

    JioJioYil oldin
    • That’s your opinion that shits ill

      PlanetzootPlanetzootYil oldin
    • facts

      Earl ApplewhiteEarl ApplewhiteYil oldin
  • I felt that shit hit my chest fam.

    Bruce BuckleyBruce BuckleyYil oldin
  • Boom boom boom #flygod #GxFR

    BRAWLIC215BRAWLIC215Yil oldin

    imthehardest5imthehardest5Yil oldin
  • It looks like Shady records is paying a lot of money.

    Vincent JoeVincent JoeYil oldin
    • You obviously ain't following news, he signed to Roc Nation over a month or two ago, LOL


    Noel JohnsonNoel JohnsonYil oldin

    Reverse GiraffeReverse GiraffeYil oldin
  • So sad how my black people get it and give it right back ...the worse words you can live by is cant take it with you wen you are gone but guess wat u cant leave it for ur kids and grand kids....damm shit sad

    trucklife2002 20trucklife2002 20Yil oldin
  • “Fein locked up in the bathroom tryna shoooot that Nigga fell and hit he sink knocked out his tooooth”

    Scrapcuz 83Scrapcuz 83Yil oldin
  • Hell, NY

  • His MAC is that Sensational Sherri

    John Rosello AlvaradoJohn Rosello AlvaradoYil oldin
  • Carrying on Tradition

    H SamH SamYil oldin

    Charles McBrideCharles McBrideYil oldin
  • Doot doot doot doot doot ba ba ba ba ba ba ba BOOM #BuffaloSoldier

    Wavy VaporizersWavy VaporizersYil oldin
  • Not my taste but its fly

    arthur turnerarthur turnerYil oldin
  • Peace, good to see he's enjoying fruits of labor. He's worked hard for it. Haters are gonna do them. Nothing wrong with that. Peace

    theGod blacktheGod blackYil oldin
  • Man this dude corny as fuck, who the fuck wears chockers? This is a bum ass nigga with money

    beatz1977beatz1977Yil oldin
    • beatz1977 why you so mad?

      Mikey MooreMikey MooreYil oldin
  • Fly Gawd is an awesome gawd

    MesusMesusYil oldin
    • Congratulations fam! Yall niggas deserve to shine!

      Bruce BuckleyBruce BuckleyYil oldin
  • I would buy a school instead and very low income complexes for the less fortunate ..

    John BeraJohn BeraYil oldin
    • Westside Gunn gives back to his city tho

      PlanetzootPlanetzootYil oldin
    • That'll cost way more than what that costs

      Brian RamirezBrian RamirezYil oldin
    • That's something I'll do being the type of person I'am & the struggle I been through But hey man he eating he Black...Live life how U C fit....

      Black kratosBlack kratosYil oldin
  • I need me a piece made

    Darryl GradyDarryl GradyYil oldin
  • johnny legendary

    Madd Dogg ReviewsMadd Dogg ReviewsYil oldin
  • All ya'll shoulda went to Johnny... #Johnny Dang💎THE KING OF BLING💎💰💎💰💎💰💎💰

    einstein_420_bio_ yea yupeinstein_420_bio_ yea yupYil oldin
  • 🥃

    thetruefistofthenortthetruefistofthenortYil oldin

    R KrisR KrisYil oldin
  • See you westside .eastside blizzy

    James 007 WrightJames 007 WrightYil oldin
  • Ok so like

    Sir LeRoyaleSir LeRoyaleYil oldin
  • My dawg west side Gunn

    804-BIG-MIKE Brick-life804-BIG-MIKE Brick-lifeYil oldin
  • Sad this all these rappers do make money to spend with races who wouldn't deal with them if they weren't spending they money

    Cochise SappCochise SappYil oldin
    • Absolutely bruh...

      Black kratosBlack kratosYil oldin
    • He's dealing with another minority lol

      Noel JohnsonNoel JohnsonYil oldin
    • He owns his own clothing/merch and his other pieces are home made in Buffalo.. it's ok to step outside every once in a while

      Jack MehofJack MehofYil oldin
    • Your right

      Kevin De JongKevin De JongYil oldin
    • Big facts . our people are so lost

      Jason GillJason GillYil oldin
  • An Fly God Is An Awesome God, My Lil Nigga Caught 2 Bodies, I Told Him Awesome Job!

    MCMXCMCMXCYil oldin
  • Best jewelry store

    Penn PapyrusPenn PapyrusYil oldin
  • And meanwhile His homies on the block pay rent on them trap houses

    Dom PDom PYil oldin
  • The real king of bling

    Bucki DollaBucki DollaYil oldin
  • stupid rappers givin this chinx free promo smh

    king Of The Jungleking Of The JungleYil oldin
  • He is rich since he was in Roc Nation of Jay Z.

    keke3338keke3338Yil oldin
    • @Rakim Wallace u relax...tf

      PalmettoLockzz YardiPalmettoLockzz YardiYil oldin
    • @PalmettoLockzz Yardi relax, he just asking a question. He wanna know how westside a millionaire even tho he underground.

      Rakim WallaceRakim WallaceYil oldin
    • @keke3338 what they put.out.is real hip hop no mumble nothing they.wouldnt.even.have tht lol u gotta be a 2000`s bby im done

      PalmettoLockzz YardiPalmettoLockzz YardiYil oldin
    • however he doesn't sell million albums as future or other mumble rappers. How is it possible ?

      keke3338keke3338Yil oldin
    • @keke3338 sure he is

      PalmettoLockzz YardiPalmettoLockzz YardiYil oldin
  • Fly god in this bitch 🎤🕯🔌


    babychuebabychueYil oldin
  • Yeeeees siiir!!!

    Lando’s ReadyLando’s ReadyYil oldin
  • The fly god is a awesome god

    Kill BillKill BillYil oldin
  • I fux wit the music coming outta Griselda's camp but fuk them diamonds.

    Tribe UniqueTribe UniqueYil oldin
  • Fuk buying bling!!!Buy the franchise and Boss all the Way Up!!!!Ya Heard Me.its time to create the generational wealth 4 our kidz Kidz kidz.All we do is make the wealthy wealthier buyn dat bullshyt

    pizzy's visionzpizzy's visionzYil oldin
  • Yea my boy

    Jayy V VondonJayy V VondonYil oldin
  • dat shit aint hittin as hard as dudes other piece.... shoulda gone to ben baller ....

    James ThomasJames ThomasYil oldin
  • That shit is nice 🔥🔥🔥

    Nuno Mayne 24Nuno Mayne 24Yil oldin
  • Fly good westside. Killing the rap game!!

    Khem HueKhem HueYil oldin
  • these short choke chains make no sense

  • That was Dumb Westside save your money Better you ain't even been signed over a year yet

    dre daydre dayYil oldin
    • dre day dude was rich before the deal

      Mikey MooreMikey MooreYil oldin
    • peep game

      NatetheMosaicNatetheMosaicYil oldin
    • I agree!!!!!

      pizzy's visionzpizzy's visionzYil oldin
  • Sheeesh!!!!

    boyblue966boyblue966Yil oldin
  • Piece cold af Johnny Boy #BestOfTheBest #Flawless #DiamondGang hook it up wit a grill pimp 💯

    Abe linxAbe linxYil oldin
  • Why did Durk say Johnny dang is trash

    just sayinjust sayinYil oldin
    • Cuz durk is garbage

      DarKshine DaKidDarKshine DaKidYil oldin
  • 💯 NY TO Buffalo FlyGod

    CASH P The SquireCASH P The SquireYil oldin
  • Man I thought this was Duranged for a good second

    drouzieydrouzieyYil oldin
  • Icey!!💎💎❄️❄️

    Jay BJay BYil oldin
  • Hardly Ever see dis nigga in all the luxury designer brands he raps about. Mostly Mitchell n Ness and street wear like bape. Dont believe u. U need mo people

    Leo DLeo DYil oldin
  • Blasphemy at it's highest level.....see you in hell fam.👹

    Ben DoberBen DoberYil oldin
    • @Ben Dober nah its one them tings mon.not wan.u fi.knw da truth bout!!! So propaganda set against it in.mny ways.....peace n blessings

      PalmettoLockzz YardiPalmettoLockzz YardiYil oldin
    • @PalmettoLockzz Yardi I looked it up...turns out it's a buncha B.S.....

      Ben DoberBen DoberYil oldin
    • @Ben Dober look it up urself.u.seek u shall find !!! This a ting mon.look pon fa mi self ya digg!!!!

      PalmettoLockzz YardiPalmettoLockzz YardiYil oldin
    • I don't want to hear about research or reading or interviews or documentaries or UZworld or Google I need proof....

      Ben DoberBen DoberYil oldin
    • @PalmettoLockzz Yardi prove it. (Actual facts are proven....) Prove it.

      Ben DoberBen DoberYil oldin
  • Looks like every time Johnny dang is more excited then they r like a lil kid back n forth

    Joseph JacobsJoseph JacobsYil oldin
  • Make icebox look like some cubics

    Jaythagreat !Jaythagreat !Yil oldin