Trippie Redd, Dababy, & Juice Wrld Get New Jewelry With Johnny Dang

9-Noy, 2019
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#Dababy #JuiceWrld #BadVibesForever
Johnny Dang does another surprise behind the scenes jewelry visit to some of his highest profile clients which include Dababy, Trippie Redd, Juice Wrld, Megan Thee Stallion, and several others. Johnny gets new molds of several rappers to create better fittings for them and new styles.
Johnny Dang and The Diamond Boyz, hang with all the rappers that are available and actually do more than just sell jewelry. Behind the scenes rappers like to hangout like normal people and enjoy themselves. Johnny Dang's Vlogs give a rare perspective from celebrities that show the audience they are just like anyone else.
Stay tuned for the second part of this Vlog that shows exclusive video footage of Day 1 from the #MalaLuna Festival Oct 26, 2019 - Oct 27, 2019 . This will include footage of front stage views of headliners from the first day of the festival.

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  • why is redd barefooted

    bryson kinlawbryson kinlaw12 soat oldin
  • Happy birthday juice WRLD 😔

    angelcarrera1 the boysangelcarrera1 the boysKun oldin
  • Porque traen un chingo de escoltas??

    Alex GarzaAlex GarzaKun oldin
  • Where is juce wrld at

    Carlos SerranoCarlos SerranoKun oldin
  • I think his son is gay, and dont want any part of his dad's business

    VIP Pabuhat GamingVIP Pabuhat Gaming2 kun oldin
  • juice and his homies just playing heads up got me bro lmao

    YRS RayYRS Ray2 kun oldin
  • Johnny Dang make me one

    Marcus PeoplesMarcus Peoples2 kun oldin
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    Wallace MirandaWallace Miranda2 kun oldin
  • Whos watching this on juices birthday?

    D ConD Con2 kun oldin
  • I got help from cyberadriel on ¡nstagram, he's professional and trusted.

    Markus RabeloMarkus Rabelo3 kun oldin
  • R.I.P Juice WRLD 999 you will always be remembered R.I.P Bro

    igor florekigor florek3 kun oldin
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  • Johnny son was to shy andd scared of the rappers

    J1J15 kun oldin
  • Rest in Peace Juice Wrld 🕊

    Faizal SudyaiFaizal Sudyai6 kun oldin
  • Man juice is to me the best man to hand out just chill and play games and interact with each other while dababy and trip red is just all about themselves

    Max_the_gamer 178Max_the_gamer 1786 kun oldin
  • rip juice wrld

    Divine AmiriDivine Amiri6 kun oldin
  • R.I.P legend

    Afellay ImankarijoAfellay Imankarijo6 kun oldin
  • Hi triipe red

    Nolan Garcia ElixNolan Garcia Elix8 kun oldin
  • Who noticed that dababy likes food 😂

    Naula novahiwaNaula novahiwa8 kun oldin
  • Dababy: *a short dude but he looks tall in this vid next to Johnny* Tom Cruise: WRITE THAT DOWN!

    DJSuperBunnyDJSuperBunny9 kun oldin
  • te amo jhonny dady tururururururuuuuuuu skrrrrt somos terribles ante el mando caprichoso samas es unico y ah vuelto para cambiar al pueblo que todos vidamos como regros en el sillon fumando leñono consumimos africa de hambre esta muerto plata por doquier bien puesto nada enrriqurcer pendejos con presupuesto lento saben que no me callo y no batallo para que entienden que no me comprende es pendejo sordo y ya me tiene harto que se calle o le meten plomo por doquier sin mensionar nombres mantengo ritmo freco ye ngg uu fuck the bitch dice plase dame haci combo heer shee hee paque lo luzca estilo whait como mi nna de hawaii susu yeyea duro duro y no es actris nopor atras no no es mi puta reyna catador lo mato si intenta oler su olor fatality killa 23 el 23 de la piramide jordan bitch!

    El super Alfa pecho peludo GarciGarcíaEl super Alfa pecho peludo GarciGarcía10 kun oldin
  • caritzimos que les cotaron y mañana los empeño y les llevo plata a mis crios vale jajaja

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  • i love my mouse palona jajajaja

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  • y se lo share

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  • traelos contigo plase

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  • Turtle neck 😂

    The Boss93The Boss9312 kun oldin
  • 🤑

    NickThe FlipNickThe Flip12 kun oldin
  • 4:07 my fav part that’s when I see trippie reddd 🥳

    RemedyRemedy13 kun oldin
  • #FlawlessGang

    Tanya Ahuero-RojoTanya Ahuero-Rojo13 kun oldin
  • awesome video...

    Justin NicholsonJustin Nicholson13 kun oldin
  • what if XXXTENTACION was there to get his ice

    Anthony GarayAnthony Garay14 kun oldin
  • Jonny dang are you filipino

    shen Suarez VLOGshen Suarez VLOG15 kun oldin
  • 6:56 I start raging

    Dontai VlogsDontai Vlogs16 kun oldin
  • Rip juice wrld 999

    Xic DXic D17 kun oldin
  • Trippie is shy around people he don’t know so cute 😂💕

    BX9 9999BX9 999917 kun oldin
  • I hit johnny dang mix the diamonds with the gold too

    CheetoCheeto17 kun oldin
  • 7:43 king von was performing rip

    G O T H B O Y C L I Q U EG O T H B O Y C L I Q U E18 kun oldin
  • juice 999 long live the great

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  • Can u make me one and send it to me plzz I have no chain at all make it say SAM diamond plzz I been a subscriber since the beginning

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    Riyuka aimaRiyuka aima20 kun oldin
  • bruh amagian being jonnys son u iced out and whith rappers he living good

    Hype beast GamerHype beast Gamer20 kun oldin
  • one year later

    Leel2xLeel2x25 kun oldin
  • Trippie Red a Girl ? He look like a lesbian

    Gustavo HidalgoGustavo Hidalgo29 kun oldin
  • aye

    Philip JohnsonPhilip Johnson29 kun oldin
  • This is.trippie red first met dababy damn bruhh😂😂👌

    Remy RicafortRemy RicafortOy oldin
  • Man just walked around the concert picking up hundreds of thousands. He makes it look easy.

    Actual HumanActual HumanOy oldin
  • Yooooo I live in San Antonio 😁😁👍👍🤣🤣

    pro sniper_2112pro sniper_2112Oy oldin
  • who eles saw johnny dangs add on this vidoe

    clipsclipsOy oldin
  • Johnny got walking empire state building guarding him 😹

    keeRZKkeeRZKOy oldin
  • Imagine xxxtenacion was there :(

    Daniel BotanDaniel BotanOy oldin
  • Music ?

    Nat RelNat RelOy oldin
  • JD king of bling I'm looking to invest in uncut stones for my deposit box ,my money is up to £40,000-50 UK pounds the rest please I need to speak with JD

    Graham ConquerGraham ConquerOy oldin
  • Holy crap this is Johnny dang!??

    simZ iossimZ iosOy oldin
  • It's too bad there's no XXXtentacion here. R.I.P X

    박건우박건우Oy oldin
  • damn the choker looks good on juice

    Kallen StricklandKallen StricklandOy oldin
  • no one: juice wrld: *HA HA NINTENDO GO BRR*

    Kallen StricklandKallen StricklandOy oldin
  • Trippie redd is a fk legend

    PlayboiPlayboiOy oldin
  • Next thing you know people are gonna ice put their hair

  • Dude if I was that kid will have the best time of my life 😂😂😂

    Mr. YungHades55Mr. YungHades55Oy oldin
  • His son actually look like me like 4 real

    Cedric RichardCedric RichardOy oldin
  • All I got to say is r.i.p wrld

    Anonymous 1Anonymous 1Oy oldin
  • Ik y'all heard sir Cartier at 6:51

    Xavier RussellXavier RussellOy oldin
  • im viet too : )

    DeadWontonDeadWontonOy oldin
  • king of Antarctica

    Isaac OrtegaIsaac OrtegaOy oldin
  • thi beat that is playin is hard whats it called

    drumming king drumeodrumming king drumeoOy oldin
  • That kid lucky he look great fun for what he got that’s good mane he ain’t getting too excited he chill I like that

    Orate GrahamOrate GrahamOy oldin
  • Diamond Mam

  • rip juice wrld 999

    arron luceroarron luceroOy oldin
  • I die everytime johnny talk 😂😂

    Trouble ManTrouble ManOy oldin
  • Rip xxx

    Nelson GamerNelson GamerOy oldin
  • Jajaja q imbéciles

    Daniel EscaronDaniel EscaronOy oldin
  • Let’s be real, Johnny dang doesn’t suit the ghetto accent.

    Half-a-biscuit.comHalf-a-biscuit.comOy oldin
  • Yeah, I rock a choker with a .45

    999forever999foreverOy oldin
  • Rip juice I bet jonhy miss him like diss for juice an pop an all the legends xxx

    izaiah Brooksizaiah BrooksOy oldin
  • Damn RIP Juice man

    Aspect GamingAspect GamingOy oldin
  • What is the beats pls i need it rn plss 🩸🩸🩸🩸🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    AssortlyAssortlyOy oldin
  • Johnny johnny yess bling bling

    Dom McLovinDom McLovinOy oldin
  • R.i.p juice wrld😔

    Daniel VelasquezdiazDaniel VelasquezdiazOy oldin
  • 0:31 WTF! look at the height difference!

    Daniel & NuriaDaniel & NuriaOy oldin
  • bro nobody could diss jhonny if he had alot of rappers by his side

    Mar-k fo-evaMar-k fo-evaOy oldin
  • Queria ser filho de um cara desse.

    Maxwel PatrickMaxwel PatrickOy oldin
  • Juice wrld 11 months ago? Damn im dumb

    mivamivaOy oldin
  • Anybody saw xxxtentacion? When dababy took a look to the that kids chain?

    TheWavyLuckyTheWavyLuckyOy oldin
  • The chain around his neck looks ridiculous....

    Darren HanksDarren HanksOy oldin
    • Thata the point to be ridiculous and exaggerated it's really all about marketing

      Zacharry SanchezZacharry SanchezOy oldin
  • R.I.P Juice WRLD. Man Johnny Dang would have been so much more busy making jewelry if juice was still here

    B3NG3RM4N BTB3NG3RM4N BTOy oldin
  • Bro his son is taller than him at this time

  • RIP juice wrld

    Glf2008 rGlf2008 rOy oldin
  • Johny dang is so small

    Sad MemenistSad MemenistOy oldin
    • @Sad Memenist bruh its just a joke

      Daniel Marcello TambunanDaniel Marcello TambunanOy oldin
    • @Daniel Marcello Tambunan I don't even have a bank account 😅😅😅

      Sad MemenistSad MemenistOy oldin
    • You laughing at his height he's laughing at your bank account

      Daniel Marcello TambunanDaniel Marcello TambunanOy oldin
  • All the mf rappers grabbed his son chain lmao

    Dyshawn AndrewsVEVODyshawn AndrewsVEVOOy oldin
    • Fr

      Daniel Marcello TambunanDaniel Marcello TambunanOy oldin
  • That kid got the best dad in the world

    DeadEndRenegadeDeadEndRenegadeOy oldin
    • Fr

      Daniel Marcello TambunanDaniel Marcello TambunanOy oldin
  • Drugs O

    Biz NieuwstratenBiz NieuwstratenOy oldin
  • he always smile lool

    john kiel balmesjohn kiel balmesOy oldin
  • Man hangin out with Juice and Dababy and Lil baby would be lit

    kopes28kopes28Oy oldin
  • I can not stop laughing at Johnny's son's reaction to all these rappers, this lil man so lucky to even be talking to em and icing out his neck for free and lil johnny dont even care bout no dababy

    Joshua SimJoshua SimOy oldin
  • 5:10 song name?

    Sub BotSub BotOy oldin
  • Jhonny, just wanna let you know that all these rappers that claims that they "love" you (no homo), they don't give a FUCK about you, all these mfs are fake and when you go down you will never find anyone of them besides you

    Bravo6 _Bravo6 _Oy oldin
  • little did juice knew a month later, rip juice999 :(

    klawklawOy oldin
  • These were the last few days of juice weld in his lif😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Khojuwa Sissiborgaon Icds ProjectKhojuwa Sissiborgaon Icds ProjectOy oldin