Steve Aoki, Borgore, Twayne, Disco Donnie, Kaiwachi, and More at Freaky Deaky with Johnny Dang

18-Noy, 2019
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#SteveAoki #Dababy #FreakDeaky
Freaky Deaky Day 1& Day 2 in Houston, TX. Johnny Dang attends the festival for his first time where he gets to visit some old friends like Disco Donnie and Steven Aoki.
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    johnnydangandcojohnnydangandcoYil oldin
    • Your a god man I wish I would get some jewelry

      Xyxen8hydraXyxen8hydraYil oldin
    • King 👑 of Bling !!! Water💦 💧

      Joseph KoveJoseph KoveYil oldin
    • johnnydangandco I shared it on all my social media stories. I think it’s dope, how you make real genuine connections & friendships with the artist, all while kicking it & handling business. Big Boss Shit! Diamond boys, ice tray gang, I FWI💯

      Racquel WhiteRacquel WhiteYil oldin
  • Why were Steve's eyes so red? xD

    Nguyen VuNguyen VuOy oldin
  • I feel for his son. If you see bright shiny bling the day you were born, I think it gets boring quick.

    GunsN ́BosesGunsN ́Boses6 oy oldin
  • His son doesn't seem to be a type of Johnny's gang....

    Coup cupCoup cup6 oy oldin
    • his son just shy rn

      JordanJordan4 oy oldin
  • tuyệt quá a oi

    Ngoc NgocNgoc Ngoc6 oy oldin
  • johnny wanted to be a rapper in his past life

    YouTube's #1 CommenterYouTube's #1 Commenter6 oy oldin
  • Bling bling

    Tuong VoTuong Vo7 oy oldin
  • 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳 jonny dang

    Truong KitkatTruong Kitkat8 oy oldin
  • haha Jonny doesn't look like he's dad, he's so small himself HAHA He son is litle shy but who is not in that age. He certainly has fun hanging out with his dad at events and festivals and meeting celebrities and wearing the jewelry. Dang jr 💎 will have a nice life for sure haha

    nOLke GrowsomenOLke Growsome8 oy oldin
  • First two minutes Johny was sounding like a slower boomhauer from king of the hill.

    jason nguyenjason nguyen8 oy oldin
  • *Diamond boys💎*

    Carisa MarieCarisa Marie8 oy oldin
  • Jhonny son is youngest member of the flawless Gang💎

    Resk SmithResk Smith9 oy oldin
    • dababy is the youngest

      very good bad boyvery good bad boy8 oy oldin
  • Man I would love to be your son lol be iced out 💯🥶

    Lil Drezz16Lil Drezz1611 oy oldin
  • Yeahhh💪🏿💪🏿

    DDHTvDDHTv11 oy oldin
  • Instrument At The Intro?

    Blood NiggaBlood NiggaYil oldin
  • Johnny on that shit😂💀

    EGaming _EGaming _Yil oldin
  • Subscrib Like Channel Andri ale Gaming Recorder

    Andri AleAndri AleYil oldin
  • Bitch learn to speak good

    M1 GrimyM1 GrimyYil oldin
  • From Việt Nam with love. Rất thích chú ạ

    ChilliezChilliezYil oldin
  • Johnny bettina against the stros... He loves em..but hes no dummy.

    Roll Damn TideRoll Damn TideYil oldin
  • Johnny you good in my trenches 😎

    kingg staxxxkingg staxxxYil oldin
  • Something tells me his son isnt intrested in his dad's jewelry business. Might have his own company to run when he gets older.

    Pokeman 97Pokeman 97Yil oldin
  • Literally the coolest Asian dad to ever exist

    Jeyar ChardyJeyar ChardyYil oldin
    • U clearly dont know asia well

      Daniel GeDaniel Ge4 oy oldin
  • “Wat goin on, ice tray da gan, I eat banana, I love to hang out with friend. Flawless. “

    SpaceOctopusMEXSpaceOctopusMEXYil oldin
  • Can you please please give me a chain like the no you’re wearing

  • Steve aoki's eyes red as hell

    Brandon EarleBrandon EarleYil oldin
  • Even after a while, i can’t understand what Johnny say and Johnny kid face say it all

    BIG SmallBIG SmallYil oldin
  • Algún latino por aquí saludos de Colombia

    Mauricio GonzalezMauricio GonzalezYil oldin
  • I’m glad you take your son, Glad he is learning ur labors work, good job

    Tactical BunnyTactical BunnyYil oldin
  • Johnny a king

    Taggi TagitagTaggi TagitagYil oldin
  • I love your videos @johnnydangco!! I'm always smiling when watching your videos cuz your aura is so strong and genuine haha my eyes sometimes start hurting after a while of watching your videos though. Them diamonds dancing all over my screen. 💎💎💎💎 ice tray the gang!

    Daniel NavaDaniel NavaYil oldin
  • The kid is observing. He will pick up where daddy left off

    cLiF CcLiF CYil oldin
  • Yesssuuuuhh

    That713DrankThat713DrankYil oldin
  • Drippin frfr

    Dhante Swha'leDhante Swha'leYil oldin

    Elijah LinkzElijah LinkzYil oldin
  • Johnny Dang keep doing your thing an keep it lit with the vlogs an keep them coming all work no play💯💯💯👍👍👍

    Travis ButerTravis ButerYil oldin
  • It's either this kid is shy or he doesn't go to school. Teach the child english, c'mon Johnny

    BONKEBONKEYil oldin
    • RSRT PRDS maybe because he’s not use to the life style. He didn’t grow up talking to camera’s like youtuber kids or being around celebs 24/7 like his dad. He’s a normal teenage boy that happens to have a famous dad. I actually admire how humble his children are.

      iShoTTi XiShoTTi X6 oy oldin
    • @8 ball Pool but why does it look like he's uncomfortable?

      BONKEBONKE11 oy oldin
    • RSRT PRDS he goes to school

      8 ball Pool8 ball Pool11 oy oldin
  • Johnny Dang King of Blang you know what it is man. Johnny is the man

    Luis SolalindeLuis SolalindeYil oldin
  • Johnny dang ice are crzy

    Lil KunLil KunYil oldin
  • Love ur ice

    Lil KunLil KunYil oldin
  • Swear Johnny sell cocaine and we don’t even no it it’s in the jewelry 💯✍🏽

    Desmond MosleyDesmond MosleyYil oldin
    • Asian and arabs push heroin in our neighborhoods not cocaine

      Yawanah YasharahlaYawanah Yasharahla11 oy oldin
    • Aydin La hahaha

      Desmond MosleyDesmond MosleyYil oldin
    • Desmond Mosley I don’t understand how no one recognised how rattled He is

      Aydin LaAydin LaYil oldin
  • Yo u so funny but talk real shit nigga said we bout to pour it up

    Jaime BonillaJaime BonillaYil oldin
  • Chú là người Việt Nam đầu tiên làm cháu thấy thần tượng và mong muốn một tương lai không xa sẽ được trò chuyện với chú...chúc chú và gia đình luôn mạnh khỏe ạ

    Tùng Đồng HữuTùng Đồng HữuYil oldin
  • It’s crazy that I understand everything he saying & everybody else like tf is he even saying lol & the fact he rocking a kirk bracelet is dope. R.I.P kirk❤️

    Racquel WhiteRacquel WhiteYil oldin
    • For real

      GEMJGEMJYil oldin
  • สวัสดีครับผม

    Zippo EmZippo EmYil oldin
  • 💎🔥💎🔥💎🔥💎🔥💎🔥💎🔥💎🔥💎🔥💎🔥💎🔥💎🔥

    Soprano707Soprano707Yil oldin
  • I represent my brothers.... Thats a cool cat

  • That kid is set for life

    Left Hook 2 Da BodyLeft Hook 2 Da BodyYil oldin
  • ice tradda gang

    asianna hayesasianna hayesYil oldin
  • *_JOHNNY DANG_* 💯💯

    M.O.BM.O.BYil oldin
  • There must be a typo on his shirt. It says icetrayyang instead of icetraygang lol

    Steven SmithSteven SmithYil oldin
    • That's the name of my merchandise company,

      johnnydangandcojohnnydangandcoYil oldin
  • Sometimes I think to myself does Johnny even know what he be sayin or does he just say and act for the camera?🤔

    04baby—04baby—Yil oldin
    • He have no idea what he is saying. He is sincere in what he is saying and what he is trying to say because he knows that's how hip-hop culture talks. But does he understand what he is saying in depth? Of course not. But, does he give a fuck? Of course not. He is making money. Does all those black people care he doesn't know? Of course not. They are getting bling out and they have their own agenda when they deal with him. Would they ever let Johnny Dang get away with the way he acts and talk if he wasn't making them bling bling? FUCK NO. You guys are fucking idiots if you think he talks and act like that in private or with his own people. Just look at his son face. He is probably always thinking you don't act like that in him. Thats why he always have a confused face.

      Ramtin ThangRamtin Thang8 oy oldin
    • @04baby- I know hes not lying because he started from the bottom And hes been hanging out with these types of duds since he poor. So like 28 years.

      Steve the dude.Steve the dude.11 oy oldin
    • Nathan Gutierrez how do you know he’s not lying see that’s y’all problem y’all believe what y’all hear🤷🏽‍♂️🤭

      04baby—04baby—Yil oldin
    • Why would he act? He has no reason to he just enjoying himself you not hear what he said ? He came from the bottom I'd be acting the same way give af what anyone says

      Nathan GutierrezNathan GutierrezYil oldin
    • I know right

      PurxPurxYil oldin
  • Diamond grizzilz

    Jason LopezJason LopezYil oldin
  • Lil jonny silent but deathly

    Stephon LeotaudStephon LeotaudYil oldin
  • I love your vids it’s the best nice jewelry better than any other jewelry people

    Tylique MinterTylique MinterYil oldin
  • Lil johnny the silent diamond

    tony 2xtony 2xYil oldin
  • Drip drip

    Apheth AbramsApheth AbramsYil oldin
  • Awesome review thank you for sharing

    Joshua RamirezJoshua RamirezYil oldin
  • Great questions

    Handmaiden Of the LordHandmaiden Of the LordYil oldin
  • Damn only 2k for that big ass chain that's what i call a good jeweler. unlike icebox ice bbox is trash and over priced

    Zaifromthe9Zaifromthe9Yil oldin
  • 🔥🥶🔥

    Nino RomelloNino RomelloYil oldin
  • @therealvirgostarvs is the Next 🤩SuperStar🤩 from Fayetteville NC,Home of J-Cole Different Artist Reppin The Same City. See You Soon In Houston Bo.🤩💪

    marco pollomarco polloYil oldin
  • FLAWLESS GANG I’m tryna win Johnny boy Instagram @stunnattg

    Stunna TTGStunna TTGYil oldin
  • Been here.

  • dang that icy

    jojojojoYil oldin
  • First

    Junior 38Junior 38Yil oldin
  • First here

    Mykel JohnsonMykel JohnsonYil oldin
  • Get up the grind Johnny!

    MLG ZachMLG ZachYil oldin