Project Pat drops by Johnny Dang's and brings @KountryBoi59 to join the #FlawlessGang

16-Yan, 2020
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#Three6Mafia #ProjectPat
Project Pat comes by the flagship location in Houston Tx, and catches up with long time friend Johnny Dang. From Mold Kit to Dentist we see the process of @kountryboi59 joining the #FlawlessGang #Three6Mafia #ProjectPat
"Patrick Earl Houston (born February 8, 1973), better known by his stage name Project Pat, is an American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee.[2] He is the older brother of Juicy J, the co-founder of Three 6 Mafia.[3]
Currently Houston is a member of a mini-hip hop group the Kaze he joined the group in 1998 the same year that the album KamiKaze Timez Up was released." - Wikipedia
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  • How do you clean your teeth with those things on permanently?

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  • Breath smell like some thunder

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    • Lol chicken chicken chicken head

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    • watchu talkin bout, I don’t want your damn number

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  • Stupid people with stupid teeth thinking they are cool and they stink

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  • Where Juicy bruh 😂?

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  • I can't believe people are buying this bullshxt and wearing all of that tacky azz jewelry that shxt played out when ll cool j stop rappin

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    • More like when Pimp C died

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  • Was trying to see, did they NOT shave his teeth down to fit the caps on ?

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    • I didn’t need too perfect fit mane

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    • No thats y all them look like grills

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  • To old for that shit

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  • Johnny dang saying to himself I got me another sucker can't believe I'm winning like this now if I could only trick the white people

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    • Tbh they was prob fucking with johnny since he first started and people like you need to stop throwing race into everything not every white is the same not every black is the same. So chill with that bullshit.

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    • I mean... Riff Raff.

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  • Damn I thought it was someone else when the hat came off

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  • Black people never buy from other black people...lmao

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  • What up PAT ?? I'm still riding clean ... Mista dont play 4life my boi

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  • Nigga shit booboo, teeth ain't shaved, and the whole teeth ain't wrapped, u gotta go to a real dentist u want ur shit hit right, y'all letting that chank Rob y'all, idk how Pat even let that go down, bro if a dentist ain't shave ur teeth before your mold u ain't got no real crowns bro, ur shit posed to be space, and you can floss n all that,

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  • CAN I GET WHITE GOLD “JOHNNY” yeah dats da best CAN I GET YELLOW GOLD “JOHNNY” yeah dats da best

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  • Already!!

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  • Jealousy and envy coming from people with no money

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  • Should have spent that money to get his home boy a new hairline in @9:04

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    • Oml

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    • Yg Bodybuilder lmao fr

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  • They making payments? Lol

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  • I,m so glad the emenen didn't wasted his time responding to nick's diss track and created this master piece.. 🙌🙌👍👍

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  • Mista Don't Play!

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  • Lol your hair line shows your age never take that hat off dog. Go talk to Dion Sanders

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    • Sound like two females worrying about another nigga hair

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    • I saw that hairline too hairline is fucked project pat should of bought him some hair instead 🤣

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  • King Johnny..hook me up!!!

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  • Mista don't play

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  • Project Pat: You ain't finna get a dime outta me... Bought his homie $40k+ flawless grilles

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    • Cb. Chivz 374 hope you know he bought it

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  • Project Pataaahhhhhhhh!

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  • That it was was one beautiful Benjamin Franklin Sir Johnny Dang you the man

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  • Big Goals 💪

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  • The finer things

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  • Finally johnny got someone real on

  • é nois Brasil Brasil é nois

  • No one: Absolutely no one: TV Johnny: YES SIRRR!!

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  • He lost hella weight

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  • Im Visit you jhonny... To buy Grill Next week...and my Gangs

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  • “Attracted to dime piece’as” “It’s project pat’ah French braid gold teef’as” 😅🔥🔥💯 #NorthMemphis in this thang mane 🔥💯

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  • Project Pat should think about investing for his retirement instead of this garbage...

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    • Seems like a hater to me🤔

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    • Pat still got bricks on them streets

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    • @NitrousKing23 because he has no ability to make more $

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    • An you worried about his pockets why? Seriously why?

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    • Juicy j rich af I dont think he would let pat on a down fall💯

  • Cant go wrong with pat

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  • Only the best is done at Johnny's shop. This man is the king of bling.

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  • Jhonny dangandco is gud jewerler

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  • Hell yea project pat the 🐐

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