Philthy Rich Gets Permanent Trill Color Diamond Grill Before his Show!

22-Okt, 2019
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#PhilthyRich #Big59 #DiamondBoyz
Philthy Rich has a show in Austin Texas and stops by Johnny Dang in Houston Texas to get his permanent tri-color diamond grill in before his Show and does a quick interview and teases 59..

  • Flossin with big rich 253 norpoint fire

    AllDaeiamAllDaeiam13 soat oldin
  • Kind of bling

    raider robraider rob6 oy oldin
  • That tricolor shit is fire!!!

    too2clean4utoo2clean4u7 oy oldin
  • Philthy & Gucci heavy on the jewelry game

    1UpTop2x Montana1UpTop2x Montana9 oy oldin
  • 👍🏿❄💎🙏🏿🤑

    Indra TaylorIndra TaylorYil oldin
  • Big police 🚔 👮‍♀️ 💯✅👎

    ray cruzray cruzYil oldin
  • that's wuzup 💯 all Damn Day 💯 🌪️🌩️🌤️

    Boss ShitBoss ShitYil oldin
  • No one cares if you're the first.

    Popeye's ChickenPopeye's ChickenYil oldin
  • S/O to Philthy. Sem god doing Oakland proud. The only thing I’m confused about is he said he was quitting rap after the big 59 album LOL I honestly don’t see that happening.

    babdudababdudaYil oldin
  • Ballin ass nigga stuntin on them mainstream rappers

    Ramos WrestlingRamos WrestlingYil oldin
  • How this nigga get control of diamonds he csnt even speak 🤦🏿‍♂

    Blackerden BlackBlackerden BlackYil oldin
  • I have that same shirt but mines says “POOR”

    A LanceA LanceYil oldin
  • Philthy icey as fuck east Oakland gritter 🤟🏾👌🏾💪🏾💯🎯 dido

    Tyreace KnowlesTyreace KnowlesYil oldin

  • Yolo

    Mike BMike BYil oldin
  • *Now I know this nigga is really from New Orleans. Because cemented grill would've been the first thing a Oakland nigga bought. It wouldn't take 12-13 years* 😂

    pappagetti 2009pappagetti 2009Yil oldin
  • Great..but I'm not rappers let's.. build condos.. propertys..we can own this world if quit buying dumb shit..

    Joron RJoron RYil oldin
  • Can't be wearing skin tight shirts when you gotta gut bruh.

    Chank VueChank VueYil oldin
  • Johnny got it out the mud.

    marlonious76marlonious76Yil oldin
  • Wealth is Health Positive growth in development Shout Philthy Rich Man the Brother 🤘🏾🔥🔥🔥

    bedstuy 187 Metrobedstuy 187 MetroYil oldin
  • Big 59 let's get it!!! 🤘🏾🎩🔥🔥🔥🔥

    bedstuy 187 Metrobedstuy 187 MetroYil oldin
  • 707 713 fr nihga connect

    Pablo GarcisPablo GarcisYil oldin
  • This nigga Phil out of line for this I would kill to have a perfect white smile an he gone cover it up lol

    Drip HeaterDrip HeaterYil oldin
  • Phil got perfect teeth wtf, I'd a never thought, but I'm glad you finally got another grill bruh on sum Real Oakland shit.

    Macc JayMacc JayYil oldin
  • ShoutOut Philthy #Big#59 really rockin strong wit ya since day #1, glad to see u finally get yo recognition. Fasho tho. Check out Stash House , straight slappa 💯

    SavageSupreme7 AcKonJaXon7SavageSupreme7 AcKonJaXon7Yil oldin
  • Philthy with the bill Cosby haircut

    JP LandscapingJP LandscapingYil oldin

  • They are individuals not permanent. You can click them on and off of each tooth. Salute anyway though.

    Allen LasterAllen LasterYil oldin
  • Fire work Johnny

    Jeffrey RayJeffrey RayYil oldin
  • that grill make philthy look like a 40 year old dude tryna look 21

    T JamesT JamesYil oldin
    • T James shut up hater

      LoverofYahLoverofYahYil oldin
  • Watch Mozzy go get one now!! 💪💯😎 out of them 3 Lav got his first!! But we been doing this in da Bay!! Back when down south niggaz was only wearing solid gold!!!💯

    Mike JonesMike JonesYil oldin
  • One place I ain't going is jd. He a gaffler Paul was co signing him like he was the truth . Just garbage

    brad bentleybrad bentleyYil oldin
  • My boy gone be talkin regularly in no time lol ✊🏼

    BlessedOneBlessedOneYil oldin
  • Ayyye the nigga Philthy tho! 😁💎🔥

    Marco Del RealMarco Del RealYil oldin
  • Itz Philthy !

    DE'JOE.EDE'JOE.EYil oldin
  • Philthy finaly got a grill

    DaGoatDaGoatYil oldin
  • Now you look like every other goofy ass rapper smh

    ThelasthowardThelasthowardYil oldin
  • killing them boys with lab diamonds 😂😂😂

    liljap100liljap100Yil oldin
  • That boy came from the bottom to the top .....

  • Song playing in the background?

    John WimbishJohn WimbishYil oldin
  • This the man that put mozzy on with joe blow.

    telaphoneman1telaphoneman1Yil oldin
    • Mozzy made songs with blow b4 he ever met philthy real spit and they only reason linked with Mozzy Cuz lav was ol boy head & he knew oakpark had they foot on Lavs Neck so he reached out do do a collab with Mozzy go back listen to next body on you Mozzy. Cus way harder want even famous yet! Back in 2014 or so been telling my potnas Mozzy Fina pass this philthy. Ass up sure enough. It happened the funk between these men was gonna happen one point or another. messy Marv just the straw broke the camel back... He was out shining philthy. On every track he put out that's why philthy started biting some date foos Shit saying blahdada go back and listen i ain't cappin I feel for philthy the its hard to give another man spot light. And see him outshine you Mozzy. Has the potential. And ran with it became bigger then philthy rich maybe not in cars in jewery, but in success. In giving the world what the people want. And that's a real ass street nigga that's a hard pill to swallow... Much success to both of em they going hard and Reppin Northern California The way its supposed to be repped all that matters in the end!!!!

      Michael CorleoneMichael CorleoneYil oldin
    • Gee Dee you 💯

      telaphoneman1telaphoneman1Yil oldin
    • Gee Dee all good bro calm your dumb ass down

      telaphoneman1telaphoneman1Yil oldin
    • @telaphoneman1 I can admit that

      Gee DeeGee DeeYil oldin
    • @telaphoneman1 bitch I read it wrong so what.

      Gee DeeGee DeeYil oldin
  • Your horse is pretty damn tall for a measly networth of $800,000 lmao.

    Simple PotatoSimple PotatoYil oldin
    • @SB The Don That's what he wants you to think. Nigga is broke. You know how easy it is to fake owning a chain? Better yet counterfeiting expensive jewelry for show? 800K isn't shit.

      Simple PotatoSimple PotatoYil oldin
    • He got over 800 jus in jewelry lol

      SB The DonSB The DonYil oldin
    • He got millions in ho money tho lmao

      ky maloneky maloneYil oldin
  • Nigga look gay jussie smolett looking ass

    California WildlifeCalifornia WildlifeYil oldin
  • I hate when rappers say they got hooked up like they ain’t drop hella money for it saying that shit sound like he got it for free lol

    Gengi 615Gengi 615Yil oldin
  • Got me 😁 another dummy

    Arkeio CraigArkeio CraigYil oldin
    • This is the 3rd message that said this, how asian boy getting them? What to expensive????

      Y-MKL IsraelY-MKL IsraelYil oldin
  • BIG 59. Top Hat of 510 . Tricolor . Philthy jewelry game is one of the best in the rap game PERIOD.

    dmansion. 21dmansion. 21Yil oldin
  • They cant fucc wit cuz he got the ball and thd bag niggas need to catch up !!

    Dottie DayDottie DayYil oldin
  • Philthy Rich might be the icyest niggah in Northern California! #CaliforniaLivin🌴

    Commons357Commons357Yil oldin
    • Shyt prolly the whole game lol!!!!

      LEX .PLEX .P11 oy oldin
  • It’s Phillthy

    Josue FranciscoJosue FranciscoYil oldin
  • I need sum lol 💯💯5️⃣ colors

    Fam JacksFam JacksYil oldin
  • Keep hustlin’ Philthy!!! #ItsChillScrillBaby

    Chill ScrillChill ScrillYil oldin
  • Where the fuck is the grill I didn’t see shit this some bullshit

    FreeDa BLK500FreeDa BLK500Yil oldin

    Sur 4thSur 4thYil oldin
  • Look goofy

    Made in NoLaMade in NoLaYil oldin
  • Hard WORK pays off.. Shout out to PHILTHY. And EAST OAKLAND...

    Jimmy CraneJimmy CraneYil oldin
  • Oooowwwie!!!

  • I'm in East Atlanta...nigas looking at me like who is Big59. Im telling nigas go listen to Young Thug don't worry about it lol

    Don VetteDon VetteYil oldin
    • SJ chill nigga

      J-RodJ-RodYil oldin
    • Lol..... Word. TOWN BIZZ!!

      ESO TOWN BIZZ!!!ESO TOWN BIZZ!!!Yil oldin
    • ay thats respect haha

      Maxim YatesMaxim YatesYil oldin
    • Real talk only the real know by now if you don't know then stay in your lane.

      Joe BoyJoe BoyYil oldin
    • Don Vette you ignorant AF

      SJSJYil oldin
  • Is there something I’m missing? I didn’t see anything about a grill lol

    Wayne WilliamsWayne WilliamsYil oldin
  • ice king 🤩!!

    dwayne daamesdwayne daamesYil oldin
  • *Tri Color Grill

    Young NizzyYoung NizzyYil oldin
  • Drinking lean and putting in grills get u nubs eating all ur teeth up and that shit have ur breath smelling like real shit 💩 I swear

    ted bundyted bundyYil oldin
  • Rich got the body of a cafeteria lady got that one from shaq

    The TruthThe TruthYil oldin
  • Congratulations to Big59

    DD SpencerDD SpencerYil oldin
  • 1 rich fly nigga thaz how i wanna be juz like phill

    Daniel LeonDaniel LeonYil oldin
  • He loves Philthy lol

    Snake PliskinSnake PliskinYil oldin
  • Its philthy!!!

    soicystaxxsoicystaxxYil oldin
  • Johnny look like a midget standn next to Philthy 😁

    Savalife TvSavalife TvYil oldin
  • 🗣

    ModestoGoGetta209ModestoGoGetta209Yil oldin
  • I love you philthy for repping every east side cause you from east Oakland but please stop it with east side Houston lmao it's north or south none of that other shit I'm speaking up for my family in tx big 713

    KI HoKI HoYil oldin
  • Who the hell is this

    Victor OBSVictor OBSYil oldin
    • Its philthy nigga do yo research

      Pablo EscobarPablo EscobarYil oldin

    Charles SingletonCharles SingletonYil oldin
    • WYS!!

      Archie LeeArchie LeeYil oldin
  • Damnn philthy.. My dude why you itchin like Tyrone biggums off Chappelle Show??? 👀👀 Stay blessed bruh I'm just talkin my shit ya dig! Lol 😆

    Eric SraderEric SraderYil oldin
  • This nigga philthy a Fool! Big 59!

    Montaye'Montaye'Yil oldin
  • I lost all respect for philthy when he did 10 interviews talking about mozzy and mozzy did not do 1 interview talking about him.. philthy shining and doing big things but I can’t hear his music no more . That’s just my opinion, real niggas dong gossip! I know he was trying to make his point across but it came off the wrong way

    Too Much SauceToo Much SauceYil oldin
  • Damn philly phill scmm

    Lam BeltonLam BeltonYil oldin
  • Fuck that ian never c tha fucken grill

  • Is it just me or is the grill not hittin like the rest of big Phillipe 59 sem god jewelry

    • Shoulda went to Tom's jewelry in the TOWN

      Vel 1hunnidVel 1hunnidYil oldin
    • Faxx

      Vel 1hunnidVel 1hunnidYil oldin
  • Can we stop with all the caching bullshit it literally almost took away from the vid🤷🏾‍♂️

    ACE MACACE MACYil oldin
  • I fuck with Philthy , but homie getting lockjaw after them perms ? I see a lot of mfs with the same symptoms after getting perms

    Most HatedMost HatedYil oldin
  • Its philthy !!!!! Man id love to do not goofy ass interviews dude a legend j n phil

    Squeak ByrumSqueak ByrumYil oldin
  • I must of been living under a rock never heard of this nigga

    Lashon RLashon RYil oldin
  • 💪🏾💪🏾💯💯 Salute

    Bigg CBigg CYil oldin
  • Yesssirrr im Johnny dang King of Bling !!!!

    Alvarado KangAlvarado KangYil oldin
  • Bout time

    sickomobb1017 Mobbsickomobb1017 MobbYil oldin

    Super DadSuper DadYil oldin
  • Turn the lights out and put that phone flashlight on em 💯💯 💯

    trey hofelichtrey hofelichYil oldin
  • FOD!! BIG 59!!

    Rodrigo 1114Rodrigo 1114Yil oldin
  • Philthy nigga !!! 💯

    Ronnie WilliamsRonnie WilliamsYil oldin
  • Not one black person in the back room(workers)but he take your money tho .

    ublue7 ublue7ublue7 ublue7Yil oldin
    • Gee Dee lol man that shit ain’t real Chinese food.

      Yo RueYo RueYil oldin
    • @Yo Rue at panda express????? Lol

      Gee DeeGee DeeYil oldin
    • GhostVision Films & Photography Cool, I hope it’s Chinese people cooking Chinese food.

      Yo RueYo RueYil oldin
    • @SonOfaBerg I'm not checking no old videos but I believe you😂

      ublue7 ublue7ublue7 ublue7Yil oldin
    • He’s got his boy c stone works there checkcmy old video of them all rapping

      SonOfaBergSonOfaBergYil oldin
  • Phil lookin like a NBA player walking next to Johnny

    T ST SYil oldin
  • Philthy rich the realest triple OG in the industry and solid street cred mine your own and you live long

    RussianKushRussianKushYil oldin
  • Town shyt

    Jay MorrisonJay MorrisonYil oldin
  • He said it in that interview

    MoonMoonYil oldin
  • #big59 salute its philthy...💯

    row dubrow dubYil oldin
  • Damn every body putting D's n they shit.

    Kendall LongKendall LongYil oldin

    chinetta evanschinetta evansYil oldin
  • YESSIRRR - I need a audio clip Johnny LOL

    Matt DeanMatt DeanYil oldin
  • It’s always motivational to see a black man winning and doing thangs his way. Bay Area, salute this man and know that the game to make it happen is in all of us!

    Jeff WallaceJeff WallaceYil oldin
    • Not if u ain't helping the ones around u or the hood what playground he built or recreation center 🦃 bookbags it's just I shine not we all shine

      ted bundyted bundyYil oldin
  • One thing bout Philthy that nigga don’t mind cashing out

    Sir GoldySir GoldyYil oldin
  • They don’t call him philthy rich for nothing ..

    n1KEn1KEYil oldin