New Flawless Gang members!!

2-Apr, 2021
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New Flawless Gang members!! New Vlog with several artists!!
Johnny Dang & Co Online

  • The buildaberg ... they mention holy names with a bunch of versace.. doesnt make sense, Jesus is God

    Brob ToneBrob Tone5 kun oldin
  • These was some of the lamest dudes on earth in this video... come on Johnny ... bro signed to dolph was cool but them other ones not genuine ... JUST THE VIBE I GOT🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Ole boy at the end all I could understand is Shazam, Fancy Face, On top of the pyramid😂😂😂

    MeezyBaby TuckLoveMeezyBaby TuckLove11 kun oldin
  • They speak english ?

    Ramadhan AlbiRamadhan Albi13 kun oldin
  • Nice vids jhonndang

    YNW DamienYNW Damien13 kun oldin
  • They was speaking English?? Because I didn't understand them

    Lawrence PrattLawrence Pratt14 kun oldin
  • Snoop doggy dogg og og og

    Chris sChris s15 kun oldin
  • They fusho paid with dirty money 😂 all them liqs paid off

    Ghostpepper 510Ghostpepper 51016 kun oldin
  • Snupe going crazy with johnny. 30k out the trap

    HukahYTHukahYT16 kun oldin
  • Em Boyz lame asf..but the Jewelry on point tho

    Astro Kid JipAstro Kid Jip17 kun oldin
  • Help us Sir Johnny please

    Anto SwuAnto Swu17 kun oldin
  • Sir a big shot out from India Nagaland wish we get a opportunity to work in your company to earn money because we are suffering out here

    Anto SwuAnto Swu17 kun oldin
  • Instead of investing in jewelry, they should invest on a speech teacher or some shit, cuz i didnt understand shit

    Carlos MendozaCarlos Mendoza18 kun oldin
  • A fool and his money she'll soon part..........

    zeke 427zeke 42718 kun oldin
  • Bunch of cornballs

    Chris SchaalChris Schaal19 kun oldin
  • I want one!

    MUDSWATMUDSWAT19 kun oldin
  • Tae fetty in that bitch looking real icys 🥶💪🏿 salute

    Q RandolohQ Randoloh19 kun oldin
  • Period taefetty

    Cierra SmithCierra Smith19 kun oldin
  • Somebody translate this video for me lol 😂👌🏾

    uriah willisuriah willis19 kun oldin
  • congratulation johnny

    Visal BelloyVisal Belloy19 kun oldin
  • bandzzzzzzzzzzzzzz p.r.e

    Dy____1994Dy____199419 kun oldin
  • Know wha I sayn Know wha I sayn WTF

    IM_ agineIM_ agine19 kun oldin
  • love your videos !

    同GoldySFM同同GoldySFM同19 kun oldin
  • Bruh you can never get any of those this to other world lol

    ecanecan19 kun oldin
  • can't understand a word they're saying but cool grilles lol

    Mr. VtecMr. Vtec19 kun oldin
    • Loled

      Bigben AllenBigben Allen19 kun oldin
  • Who tf are these stains?

    J BiZzLeJ BiZzLe19 kun oldin
    • What you mean stains?

      John OJohn O15 kun oldin
  • Bro said 30 on the wrist rocking a Richard Mille

    xingwenyani morisxingwenyani moris19 kun oldin
    • @Kay Flip thats a "Cartier Santos" brotha not a Richard Mille

      808mauna808mauna18 kun oldin
    • thats a "Cartier Santos" brotha not a Richard Mille

      808mauna808mauna18 kun oldin
  • Black youngsta disrespected Dolph in your hood buddy guns out man's screaming fuck Dolph 🤣

    Damien CharlesDamien Charles19 kun oldin
  • Who TF Is Chance & Where Is Johnny👎🏾 🤦🏾‍♂️

    J PrinceJ Prince19 kun oldin
  • WHERE IS JOHNNY never let this white joy do the video again

    Retro FotosRetro Fotos19 kun oldin
  • Mais algu em assistindo e lendo os commentaries. ?

    SaddAm GuRu pSaddAm GuRu p20 kun oldin
  • 30k is 0.00001% of Jeff Bezos net worth that’s wild

    Juan Ramos FloresJuan Ramos Flores20 kun oldin
    • @Get Rich2021 I’m pointing out the Fact that spending money on Jewelry is an insignificant amount for people who are Wealthy. It’s more of a flex to middle class like me. Which is 200k in Cupertino lmao Personally I would have rather spent that on a Factory Set Rolex which does not devalue. I guess I’m a hater then ha

      Juan Ramos FloresJuan Ramos Flores15 kun oldin
    • Sound like y’all hatin to me 🤔

      Get Rich2021Get Rich202115 kun oldin
    • @Kay Flip don’t say that if you lost it, it would be a loss. Everything doesn’t last so don’t take your job for granted alright

      A1 MonteA1 Monte17 kun oldin
  • Sb global them niggas corny

    POLOSTACKZ TaylorPOLOSTACKZ Taylor20 kun oldin
  • Paper route

    Angel NavaAngel Nava20 kun oldin
  • How do these small unpopular rappers get so much money?

    FalennorFalennor20 kun oldin
    • If you got enough to get a bowl you got enough to invest in a business

      Camron CharlesCamron Charles20 kun oldin
    • The only thing I can think of is moving drugs and other street shit. I wonder how much of them get caught by the feds tho

      Jose VasquezJose Vasquez20 kun oldin
  • 😂😭😂😭 nah boy was poppin mad shit tho....How you on some Pharaoh shit but buy a jesus piece 🥴

    Bismillah WesleyBismillah Wesley20 kun oldin
    • @deandra nash 😂😭😂 nah you aren’t

      Bismillah WesleyBismillah Wesley18 kun oldin
    • Fr though

      uriah willisuriah willis19 kun oldin
    • Okay at least im not the only one 😭

      deandra nashdeandra nash19 kun oldin
  • 🤘 Wish i could

    CTs Finest 860CTs Finest 86020 kun oldin
    • @Camron Charles fr

      B o BB o B2 kun oldin
    • Get out these comments and do it. Only you stopping you

      Camron CharlesCamron Charles20 kun oldin
  • lmaoooo johhnny to busy to see these low level chumps

    Dark CodeDark Code20 kun oldin
    • @Sb TheDon how is it an asset?

      John OJohn O15 kun oldin
    • @Dark Code when your a rapper it is

      Sb TheDonSb TheDon16 kun oldin
    • @Camron Charles cuzz this dumb shit isnt an asset

      Dark CodeDark Code19 kun oldin
    • 🤣🤣where’s you’re video of copping any jewelry from Johnny? Or anywhere at that?

      Camron CharlesCamron Charles20 kun oldin

      Debi DebiDebi Debi20 kun oldin
  • 💯%lit🔥 🚫🧢

    Dessy FreshDessy Fresh20 kun oldin
  • sorry but keep her off camera she isnt camera friendly

  • 0:43

    Juliana FosterJuliana Foster20 kun oldin
  • Wow speak English!!!!

    Roger Rolex 69Roger Rolex 6920 kun oldin
  • c:

    GarfilGarfil20 kun oldin
  • Diamond boy for life

    Idoko JudeIdoko Jude20 kun oldin
  • Awesome work, congrats new member! #roballbanks

    Rob AllbanksRob Allbanks20 kun oldin
  • Ey yo VietNam

    MaxMorales0101MaxMorales010120 kun oldin
  • 1st

    Yoboinate 0522Yoboinate 052220 kun oldin
  • What sup

    ElikidElikid20 kun oldin
  • Ciao

    Luigi De Rosa SavianoLuigi De Rosa Saviano20 kun oldin
  • Yoooo Johnny

    cristopher terraza-silvacristopher terraza-silva20 kun oldin
  • Reup len tiktok thoi nao

    U HuynU Huyn22 kun oldin
  • waiting for millionaires

    Aj YogaAj Yoga23 kun oldin
  • Waiting here my friend!

    Rob AllbanksRob Allbanks23 kun oldin
  • What's the deal Johnny put me down with the team family we go way back

    H-town 100H-town 10023 kun oldin
  • VN🇻🇳 đâu 💪😁

    Chấm Phẩy ; Chấm Than !Chấm Phẩy ; Chấm Than !23 kun oldin
    • Lol

      MaxMorales0101MaxMorales010120 kun oldin
    • Reup tiktok hihi

      U HuynU Huyn22 kun oldin