Los Angeles "Big Vium" Cashes Out With The Diamond Boyz

13-Noy, 2019
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#DiamondBoyz #JohnnyDang #CashShit
Big Vium brings the bag to Johnny Dang & Co.
Long time customer "Big Vium" flys in for Los Angeles to work with Johnny Dang's Diamond Boyz to do a recap of what Johnny Dang offers to his clientele. Big Vium goes behind the scenes to see in person how Johnny Dang looks out for his customers when they need a cleaning or anything adjusted.
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  • Rip vium🤧

    Gavin BullockGavin Bullock3 oy oldin
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    Fernando MartinezFernando MartinezYil oldin
  • So sad throwing up the 666 And the devil horn what else do people wanna see this people are straight up sellout for pennys And fame God Bless American open eye sheep in the building

    jesse riosjesse riosYil oldin
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      EhEh10 oy oldin
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    Mathew DerkosMathew DerkosYil oldin
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    Architeuthis DuxArchiteuthis DuxYil oldin
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    Sunus HollowaySunus HollowayYil oldin
  • Never heard of this guy before but he seems like a alright guy

    Pokeman 97Pokeman 97Yil oldin
  • Name the beat????

    Nizo souzaNizo souzaYil oldin
  • *Johnny dang king of bling yessir*

    Soy SauceSoy SauceYil oldin
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    Andy MelgarAndy MelgarYil oldin
  • Vium

    Andy MelgarAndy MelgarYil oldin
  • Flawless vs pendant for 5k? You sure about that? Might need to get an appraisal on it

    B-TourB-TourYil oldin
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      Kenny pokemonKenny pokemonYil oldin
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    JasoN ZJasoN ZYil oldin
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    Ivan JimenezIvan JimenezYil oldin
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    SpaceOctopusMEXSpaceOctopusMEXYil oldin
  • this guy cant claim being a rapper he is str8 garbage.WTF happened to the rap industry they just let anyone in?

    • He is so bad. Biggest capper in the industry

      Tom SawyerTom Sawyer6 oy oldin
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      SuhnnzSuhnnzYil oldin
  • Big Vium

    EthreeOhEthreeOhYil oldin
  • Your diamonds are cool proud to Vietnam

    Lil KunLil KunYil oldin
  • Yo, shout out to Dude! For Giving prices Keeping it a Buck... Def Motivating. SALUTE!

    Nino RomelloNino RomelloYil oldin
    • Fasho...3 stacks and I can get iced out. Nice

      LewisSmithJrLewisSmithJrYil oldin
  • I wonder Johnny wasn't in the video. Must be be in LV again.

    • Johnny treats all his customers like vip

      Daniel GarciaDaniel GarciaYil oldin
    • BARLIGHTBROKER I was in Vegas Big Vium good people

      johnnydangandcojohnnydangandcoYil oldin
  • Woww diamonds so beautiful🥶🚀

    Gwenaelle chsGwenaelle chsYil oldin
  • Lil dude , small time!!!!! U not in the big leagues!!!!!

    • Big vium is trash all those pieces together is less then 20k I make 80 k a year little chump change 😂

      Tom SawyerTom Sawyer6 oy oldin
    • Bigger than you

      Houston HeywardHouston HeywardYil oldin
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  • I dont spend like 75k with my jeweler in San Antonio TX I figured johnny only fucked with superstars I should had been taking my money to johnny

    young gizzleyoung gizzleYil oldin
  • Please don't said, Flawless and than VS or VVS. Flawless is Flawless-ONLY

    z0diacFnz0diacFnYil oldin
    • Gemological Institute of America

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    • @Booty Boy Gang GIA- Flawless/IF-vvs1-vvs2-vs1-vs2-si1-si2-i1-12 1-3.

      z0diacFnz0diacFnYil oldin
    • There is no such thing as a natural flawless diamond vvs is natural flawless lol

      Booty Boy GangBooty Boy GangYil oldin
  • Doude didn’t wanna deal with him not enough money come with a bigger 💰 to make them smile or to see dang

    MLYE PubGaming&entMLYE PubGaming&entYil oldin
    • @MLYE PubGaming&ent yeah it is ass you're absolutely right notice how I used that correct smart ass

      Manchild2point0Manchild2point0Yil oldin
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      MLYE PubGaming&entMLYE PubGaming&entYil oldin
    • My boy vium got the bag best bet, he on the come up and already spazzin w/Johnny

      Viktor GislerViktor GislerYil oldin
    • @young mess facts niggas just don't know him so they cap but it's cool y'all can't ignore the facts I actually spit wait you gonna see all us on the top time will show ,it's that dawg shit PTP gang in this bitch

      Manchild2point0Manchild2point0Yil oldin
    • Vampiro PlayersPub{Ent&Gaming} lmaooo vium gets to it stop capping like you would’ve pulled up w a bigger bag😂

      young messyoung messYil oldin
  • Awesome video!

    Tommy ReusseTommy ReusseYil oldin
  • I'm a 💎 Diamond in the rough! I need Johnny Dang to get my ✨Shine✨ on! Amen 🙏❤

    • Soon!

      Tommy ReusseTommy ReusseYil oldin
  • Lmao I haven’t seen this guys name since cufboys fucked him over in like 2017 lol

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  • Who is this guy I have never seen him before Johnny dang got him another one and hes white

    Kenneth GreenKenneth GreenYil oldin
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      Tom SawyerTom Sawyer6 oy oldin
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      icedjeticedjetYil oldin
    • Kenneth Green you should know who he is

      Houston HeywardHouston HeywardYil oldin
  • Johnny Dang keep doing your thing with the vlogs an keep them coming💯💯💯👍👍👍

    Travis ButerTravis ButerYil oldin
  • Who is this guy

    23 Famez23 FamezYil oldin
    • Big vium

      JasoN ZJasoN ZYil oldin
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      Axel BiyihaAxel BiyihaYil oldin
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