Johnny Dang Shows Lil' Durk 1 Million in PURE GOLD

12-Iyn, 2020
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  • What's kills me about Gold and diamonds is that if black ppl are really from Africa where all the gold and diamonds originate from, how come we're buying our stuff that was stolen and taken from us from an Asian man?

    Arterio LondonArterio London16 soat oldin
  • Otf . Jd u a real one

    Al AndinoAl Andino17 soat oldin
  • Does anybody know what kind of brand hoodie lil durk wearing?

    Tom NonethelessTom NonethelessKun oldin
  • Jajajajaja como causan gracia esos negros chee

    Er ErEr ErKun oldin
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    karltrell taylorkarltrell taylor2 kun oldin
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    • get off the crack

      Stipe Mirko Miocic Filipovic CROATIAN GOATSStipe Mirko Miocic Filipovic CROATIAN GOATS4 kun oldin
  • It ain't hitn if aint from johhny

    Joseph KellyJoseph Kelly6 kun oldin
  • 5:11 they started beefing 💯 🤣🤣🤣

    Frauto LopezFrauto Lopez6 kun oldin
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    Riyuka aimaRiyuka aima7 kun oldin
  • So that kilo of gold could make about 500 cubans. Thats what you should have told these young men jonny. That your robing them blind by selling them watered down flashy chains. But you tried you even showed them how you cut pure gold with metal aloy, thus decreasing its value. Sort of like pure coke verus stuff thats stepped on. They didn't understand when you told them this will not loose its value, and that its more valuable just to wear the kilo around your neck. That comment went straight over durks head. Gold has almost doubled in price since this video. That chain that you bought lost its value as soon as you put it on your neck. I hope our young black men wake up. Put that money in the sp500, my guy and live off of capital gains.

    k tk t8 kun oldin
  • Does regular citizens visit Johnny??? OR only celebs... i bet hé aint gon make the same mistake Jacob did

  • 3:02 💀💀"hell naw"

    El LopezEl Lopez8 kun oldin
  • Only cats from Houston know the real Johnny from kings market

    M MM M8 kun oldin
  • "I got aim I'm like Johnny dang when it comes to chains "king Von... RIP

    Oftidi tidiOftidi tidi8 kun oldin
  • Sir. Pls help your money$

    Abdul AzizAbdul Aziz10 kun oldin
  • How many times a day you think Johnny Dang says “Flawless Gang” and “Diamond Boys”

    Bobert BobmundsonBobert Bobmundson10 kun oldin
  • That's where you catch a rapper outside icebox and slit his shit

    22. To the head22. To the head10 kun oldin
  • 100%

    Monroe NesbyMonroe Nesby11 kun oldin
  • I got aim im like johnny dang when it comes to chains! Rip the king dayvon

    Pixi FlitterPixi Flitter12 kun oldin
  • 3:43 folks icey asf. I see you Durkio.

    Brandon AyersBrandon Ayers14 kun oldin
  • uzworld.infoQ2c9Z9Y6azA Jeezy Da 🐐

    Joseph Burton IIIJoseph Burton III15 kun oldin
  • 3:06🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Toyin HarrisToyin Harris16 kun oldin
  • Lil durk standing real feminine like in them baseball uniform jeans

    *Freedom of speech * R have U 4gotten*Freedom of speech * R have U 4gotten17 kun oldin
  • Lil d wld really rob you for real watch that dude yo

    *Freedom of speech * R have U 4gotten*Freedom of speech * R have U 4gotten17 kun oldin
  • xd

    Lilcharlie 223Lilcharlie 22318 kun oldin
  • Ima bout go to Johny rn

    Lilcharlie 223Lilcharlie 22318 kun oldin
  • Jonny dang look like von to me for some reason

    Abdul KareemAbdul Kareem18 kun oldin
  • expert 💎 jeweler 100 k gold. n diamond

    jermaine lindojermaine lindo18 kun oldin
  • Yo i just realized when juice world said like Johnny dang bru he was talk but this dude

    Mason MarundeMason Marunde18 kun oldin
  • If I ever get crazy ass cash like this I'm buying a whole gold bar then rest that around my neck....real flexing😂👌

    RøñëllRøñëll20 kun oldin
  • lmfao that man johnny dang geeeeeeked

    Bastian DaShootaBastian DaShoota20 kun oldin
  • She was laughing too hard at Durk

    Why DoesitmatterWhy Doesitmatter20 kun oldin
  • He was ready fah anything

    TaShawn BarnesTaShawn Barnes21 kun oldin
  • Durk had a gun in his pocket

    TaShawn BarnesTaShawn Barnes21 kun oldin
  • Want to drink ____ na ,you don't drink he said na.lmao

    Edwin SantosEdwin Santos22 kun oldin
  • 💰

    Peaceful MindsPeaceful Minds22 kun oldin
  • Johnny's apprentice is a very lucky man

    j deetzj deetz24 kun oldin
  • These guys tink that gold is alot more important than Water 😄 nothing funny about beeing a dummy.

    Antonio MontalvoAntonio Montalvo25 kun oldin

    thundacat hoethundacat hoe28 kun oldin
  • I don't know who needs to hear this, you've got to stop saving money. Invest some part of it, if you really want financial freedom.

    Felicia MariaFelicia Maria28 kun oldin
    • ❤💯

      Intuitive Spirit Manifested 444Intuitive Spirit Manifested 44411 kun oldin
    • @Felicia Maria yeah, if the American dollar ever collapses, u need to buy silver and gold are most important, that's what u will get supplies with if there is never dollars anymore

      MikeAyyCheck CeeCeeMikeAyyCheck CeeCee18 kun oldin
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      ArchimedesV2.0ArchimedesV2.019 kun oldin
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  • Did he say they mix the gold with alloy? Lol

    Sauce TurnerSauce Turner28 kun oldin
  • What looks better Diamonds on gold = like Gold alone = comment

    C4GPC4GP29 kun oldin
    • Both i prefer

      Tony LouieTony Louie27 kun oldin
  • Gold when chemically broken down is brown and looks like dirt. When you apply high heat, you get that yellow brilliance. Johnny came from the dirt to drip

    Seabass McBigFatSeabass McBigFatOy oldin
  • his office look like a king palace lol

    GuardianDemonXGuardianDemonXOy oldin
  • I love your vids and your channle

    Marauce JacksonMarauce JacksonOy oldin
  • 😎👌

  • Кутинга уриб йурипсанми шунча пулди кут

    Билолиддин АхмедовБилолиддин АхмедовOy oldin
  • Diamond boy !!! Im not rich but i got a job . Ima try to save up 30k and go to his jewlery store next year , i like gold and diamonds too !

    JOEYY SeeJOEYY SeeOy oldin
  • The bible is right.. A FOOL and his MONEY will soon apart

    Tony BelleoTony BelleoOy oldin
  • Me at work asking for a raise my manager: 1:36

    Tracey simTracey simOy oldin
  • Whoever scrolling down do ya notice his employees never wear jewelry *dont get high off ya own supply*

    Tracey simTracey simOy oldin
  • Johnny was tryna put him on game with tht solid gold price

    Dominique GrayDominique GrayOy oldin
  • tryna link wit johnny ASAP on the business tip he is the best jeweler worldwide Coach.. Put me in

    Louis VLouis VOy oldin
  • That man nervous asf

    Darius BaileyDarius BaileyOy oldin
  • Icebox much better

    Boo HilliardBoo Hilliard2 oy oldin
  • 🌟Best hits ?

  • Yup ether Ben baller or Johnny dang

    LatinStunna916LatinStunna9162 oy oldin
  • Stupid af

    jay griffjay griff2 oy oldin
  • Africas gold

  • CLICK BAIT!! This is no more than $150k in pure gold ppl are so stupid these days!

    Nicki ScottNicki Scott2 oy oldin
  • D I A M O N D B O Y

    busty depotbusty depot2 oy oldin
  • 3:06 they both sync hell naw

    Brian BrianBrian Brian2 oy oldin
  • Johnny dang duped another lol

    Nathan CoolNathan Cool2 oy oldin
  • Aye J. Dang please bless me wit that give away, big love and respect for you all the way from Eastern Shore Maryland!!!

    darnell macerdarnell macer3 oy oldin
  • The only winner here is the lil man taking a cast of their teeth to sell them stones and metals for profit

    Chris OkekeChris Okeke3 oy oldin
  • Its great that at the top of black peoples priorities when they get some wealth is put a bunch of gold and diamonds in their mouth, meanwhile you all want the white man to take care of the poor black communities. Ignorant.

    Killed_By_The_Architect -Killed_By_The_Architect -3 oy oldin
  • lil durk would get folded 1v1 all day

    Edward LewisEdward Lewis3 oy oldin
  • asme una la anda para colombia yo ye giro la plata

  • I like that Johnny said he doesn’t drink in the beginning.

    On SwishOn Swish3 oy oldin
  • Not to be an ass but I couldn't really understand anything.

    Tagon RobinsonTagon Robinson3 oy oldin
  • T

    Lance CallanLance Callan3 oy oldin
  • God dang Johnny

  • Daaaym daaawg.. you wear like.. at least 20 African children around your neck! Das dope.. Also, that big black chick.. she for renting?

    RegTarg011RegTarg0113 oy oldin
  • 4 days no sleep on Molly imo

    Vine AssemblyVine Assembly3 oy oldin
  • Try putting that money to help your people that are struggling in the hoods

    Reynaldo GarciaReynaldo Garcia3 oy oldin
  • Those are shots! There made like that to measure the amount needed to make a piece of jewelry. First a model is made from wax. Then theres a formula used to determine the amount of gold needed based on the wax model weight! That's why its beaded like that so it can be measured exactly and jewelry knows how much gold to buy and or charge customer! But people dont know that and get charged hella money over the actual cost. Jewelers are king of RIP off. I know because I am the guy that sells the gold to jewlers. If jeweler is making you a specific karat of gold for a item it's most likely watered down with bullshit alloys in it for weight and strength. You can definitely buy shots yourself also and have the jeweler tell you how much hell need to make the item. At that point he should only be charging labor! But they dont want you to know that...notice he said you cant buy gold like that* lolol straight bullsh*t. Whatever you rappers pay believe me you over paid by at least 75%.

    Tech BatTech Bat3 oy oldin
    • @Ninetails Superior gold is never the same price two days in a row! It changes every day..let's say gold went down 10$ from yesterday. That simply means the item is now 10$ cheaper per if the chain let's say is 6 ounces. Today its 60$ cheaper than yesterday total. Jewelers dont tell you that at all! Dude you have no idea how bad these people RIP you off. Theres so many ways they take your money and you would never know. Half the time it's not custom stuff the celebrities buy! Theres molds* of that shit that they use over and over and sell it again an again no creativity at all. Notice they all have the same design more or less...jewelers just add stones or cuts to make more money but nothing that justifies the cost! They have machines that laser cutt the wax to make the chain or ring mold....and that mold is sold to whatever jeweler buys it. Mold are cheap as Hell too. They may have to do minor work to join the parts together..that does take some skill but again doesnt justify cost. Let's say 6ix9ine chains lolol those arent the 100s of thounds he paid for it lolol more like low 10s of thousands. You have idea what 1 million in gold looks like. You need two hands and be in great shape to lift that! Lmao it's crazy dude. And stones. Jewelers buy chips in bulk based on weight not quality..they'll buy stones in chips from bigger stones that were cutt and charge big dollars to put it in grills and jewelry or they will buy big stones with imperfections in them and cutt them up to make perfect smaller stones. Stone guys generally do the cutting only and sell to jewlers...jewlers then add it to a chain or ring they didnt make 100% but charger you like it's crown jewel! And gold teeth forget about it...huge money maker of you know how! I can go on and on. Ask me anything if you ever have questions.

      Tech BatTech Bat3 oy oldin
    • Ask me anything about gold or jewelry I'll gladly tell you the truth. No problem. Notice that bar in the video one table....that's a kilo. 24k. But its damaged on the bottom so I'm sure know one wants it or if he sells it he'll lose money big time. Those shots and bar are shown together I'm guessing because when jewelers sell the scrap the got to refinery they get credited in cash, shots, or kilo bars like that or money but not 100%. Let's say they buy your chain for 50% of its value wich is extraordinary. They're refinery will give them 70 or 80% tops! Theres fees because that's what a refinery does they melt it all down to get a accurate tes result on karate of your trade in! Remember they have to melt it down because a ring 10k and chain 14k and bracelet 18k is now a mixed karat when they melt it to a bar! It could be 16k or 19k or 12k at that point. Once the refinery knows there value of gold there selling they give them money for it or the shots or kilo bar or whatever they need. Sometimes they go half shots to make more jewelry and rest money.

      Tech BatTech Bat3 oy oldin
    • Wow I'm the first to like your comment!? What the hell. You got me curious as hell over sounds like you know your shit a little thanks for that brother 🙏

      Ninetails SuperiorNinetails Superior3 oy oldin
  • Lit 🔥

    jay tuberjay tuber3 oy oldin
  • 24k likes on this ! What a coincidence haha ! #24kBoyz #DiamondBoyz much love Johnny and co.

    Lysergic_SurgeonLysergic_Surgeon3 oy oldin
  • noice

    Jeevirth SubramaniamJeevirth Subramaniam3 oy oldin
  • that little tray is not $1,000,000

    Robz InThailandRobz InThailand3 oy oldin
  • 50K for a gold brick, OK.

    Christopher RiveraChristopher Rivera3 oy oldin
  • Rip FGB Duck Lil durk gonna get what’s coming 💯💯

    Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin3 oy oldin
  • Y’all really calling Durk a rapper he’s not a rapper he even says it in his old songs

    42 Watch42 Watch3 oy oldin
  • This so called rap nigga that raps about killing and glorifying it should not be uplifted.

    jamal7israeljamal7israel3 oy oldin
  • Funny I just seen a news post about him in court for a shooting

    jimmy kingjimmy king3 oy oldin
  • I'm surprised they didn't rob them

    T Mad HT Mad H3 oy oldin
  • I can never understand how they could spend so much money to put that piece of metal in their mouths. all your friends there telling you how incredible it will be to spend thousands of dollars on the most useless thing that can be bought. wtf

    joshjosh3 oy oldin
  • Look at me I've got loads of gold on lol pathetic life is not about material things

  • Jonny dang got a whole sweatshop back there

    Obi ObiObi Obi3 oy oldin
  • pfft Parker on gold rush just got 9 million worth of gold

    Jason PenzJason Penz3 oy oldin
  • 3:06 “hell nah”😭

    Alex MartinezAlex Martinez3 oy oldin
  • The good thing about these people like Johnny dang and other famous jewelers is they will never get robbed with out consequences

    BrightBright3 oy oldin
  • We must protect Durk at all costs.

    JohnnyboyJohnnyboy3 oy oldin
  • Why would you want gold mixed with alloys? Str8 ass

    K.d. InfamousK.d. Infamous3 oy oldin
  • Johnnys “That’s what im sayin” is too smooth. He has definitely dealt with a lot of hood rappers😂

    Hands of StoneHands of Stone3 oy oldin
    • Whenbhe said that i instantly realized he is from houston

      gabrieldarkrgabrieldarkr3 oy oldin
  • When I use to sell crack rocks my jeweler would always let me see expensive chains, rings, bracelets, time pieces, that he normally would not let any other Average Joe look at (you guys) and I was always decked out in jewels because I had money from dope fiends Timmy muthafuckin O'Tool bitch yall ask bout me im from the projects the REAL projects. Naw i'm talm bow!

    Timmy O'ToolTimmy O'Tool3 oy oldin
  • Buy the brick 2 1/2lbs

    Say SaySay Say3 oy oldin
  • He teaching them something different lowkey...solid gold never lose its value ..

    Demarcus GarnerDemarcus Garner3 oy oldin