Johnny Dang will be in Miami for the SUPER BOWL?! ft Trippie Redd and MORE

17-Yan, 2020
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We put this video together to let you know Johnny will be in the city for the Superbowl and is ready NOW to take orders.
832-846-9669 - TO ORDER
He will be HAND DELIVERING and hanging out with his fans in miami and will take your mold, or custom order + deposit right there on the spot
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  • viet namm

    Officical SuperEnemyOfficical SuperEnemy10 oy oldin
  • Tu as un charisme de fou tu portes autant de chaîne que les autres tu me régales tu brille de mille feux je t'aurais bien vu avec une casquette toute diamantée

    Louis de jeanLouis de jean10 oy oldin
  • Johny Dang is the man #FlawlessGang #KingOfBling

    Лимонов/Сок Lemon/JuiceЛимонов/Сок Lemon/Juice10 oy oldin
  • XinchaNày Johnny, tôi có một gợi ý, vì người dân Puerto Rico đang trải qua điều đó ngay bây giờ, tôi tự hỏi liệu bạn có quyên góp cho Hội Chữ thập đỏ không ... Có thể giống như tiền quảng cáo từ 1 trong số các video của bạn? Chỉ là một gợi ý. Chào anh em!

    Leona LaceLeona Lace10 oy oldin
  • My boy Johnny the fucking king of ice Diamond Boys

    Los muchachos alegresLos muchachos alegres10 oy oldin
  • Tự hào là người việt nam quá a ơi

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  • Jon dripping

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  • 👍🏿👍🏿

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  • Fire 💰💰💰💰💰

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  • Dannnnnnng johnny

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  • Flawless Gang

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  • so beautiful 👑👑

    NBA youngboy never broken ndarishizeNBA youngboy never broken ndarishize10 oy oldin
  • Johnny taking those dumb rappers for every.dolar 🤣 hand signs with a big rubber mould in their mouth,looking ridiculous 🤣🤣 keep saying foulless diamonds and taking the money Johnny 😂

    Brett JonesBrett Jones10 oy oldin
  • Johnny soap drop Dang

    The Don A.R.K B NoahThe Don A.R.K B Noah10 oy oldin
  • The Real One H-Town Mayne Whut It Dew

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  • Johnny Johnny Dang best in the world man

    Anthony AustinAnthony Austin10 oy oldin
  • Johnny kept showing trippe his chain trippe looking like yeah yours bigger then mines johnny kept rubbing it in ahahahah

    Christian PaganChristian Pagan10 oy oldin
  • The king of bling baby! Dade county can't wait💯 its goin to be a movie down here

    chiKo MadechiKo Made10 oy oldin
  • #4 comments ♥️🤚 Big fan from India nortest arunachal PRADESH 🌹 🥰♥️/💯

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  • Johnny Dang keep it lit with the vlogs an keep them coming for real💯💯💯👍👍👍

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  • Ok

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