Is This The First Band EVER to Get a Grill?!!

1-Noy, 2019
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First internationally touring rock/metal band to get grillz!
ADTR also known as " A Day To Remember" visits Johnny Dang and Co on the flagship location's 3 year anniversary date, October 22 2019. By coincidence they also performed in Houston, TX on that same date. Two of the band members decide to get grillz and are currently being worked on as this video was made.
All of the band members from ADTR get the chance to tour the whole facility and talk about everything from jewelry to grillz on dogs. After they visit the facility, ADTR takes Johnny Dang's staff behind the scenes at NRG Arena to get special footage from their live performance.
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  • Did I hear a grill for a 🐕?

    Akuma SlaysAkuma Slays9 oy oldin
  • A day to remember sucks!!!!!!

  • The King of Grillz #JohnnyDang

    Felicity CardenasFelicity CardenasYil oldin
  • The Potbelly white dude dude working for Johnny Dang I think is a low-key alcoholic Coke head LOL

    jboi 561jboi 561Yil oldin
    • im not saying this is true, im just saying its not a lie

      Kelby DishmanKelby DishmanOy oldin
  • Metal for posers

    Kimberly MyersKimberly MyersYil oldin
  • Johnny dang i love you i want to be a jeler

    Dorothy TairuaDorothy TairuaYil oldin
  • Icetraytgegang Johnny be making history!!!

    Viral_clouts WorldwideViral_clouts WorldwideYil oldin
  • Korn got grills

    AntonjlaveyAntonjlaveyYil oldin
  • This shit lit

    It’s LitIt’s LitYil oldin
  • Ice me out #MMPM

    CjDaGr48 & Cb MarvoCjDaGr48 & Cb MarvoYil oldin
  • Johnny Should Grill Up Those Guys In Paris The Whole Paris Rap Wave... Do a Gucci Link Grill..All those Paris Rappers At France Def Jam Gonna Be Droppin ! Euros.. Peace out Johnny Dang the Abdominal Snowman

    James SmithJames SmithYil oldin
  • Korn was first

    Breane CarawayBreane CarawayYil oldin
  • Wrong. M. Shadows had a grill

    Monkeyliver19Monkeyliver19Yil oldin
  • ADTR is not metal.

    Drew JamesDrew JamesYil oldin
  • Rubbish

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  • Security lacking suS JD Better check that nigga in .infact fired FOH...I GOT YOU HIT ME UP SHIT..🤣😜

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  • The king of bling

    Swan ESwan EYil oldin
  • Is that white dude pregnant?

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  • Also I don't have any social media like at all except here so please let me know about the giveaway. No Facebook Instagram Snapchat Twitter or anything. Thank you i appreciate it!

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  • OMG I LOVE THAT ADTR IS ON HERE! love you guys so much only been fortunate to see you in concert twice for what separates me from you and bad vibrations and both were fucking epic! Stay safe guys and continue to live your dreams! Shout out to Alex and Jeremy since they weren't there Alex is a beast!!( I'm a drummer lol) thank you johnny dang for spreading ti e variety of music and hopefully more rock and metal to come:) also still waiting for the details on the giveaway haha peace guys

    Alex SharpAlex SharpYil oldin
  • Ice the gang

    Mykel JohnsonMykel JohnsonYil oldin
  • Earlyyyyyyyyy

    30kswagz30kswagzYil oldin
  • JD salute on you sir

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  • Dang😂 tried to be first. Entered your give away on Instagram tho. Dope stuff dude

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  • First

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