How to make a Flawless Mold

11-Mar, 2020
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Whenever and where ever you are, I can work with you to get you a grill of any type. This video demonstrates very clearly EXACTLY how to take a mold of your mouth so you can ship it back to me and I can make a grillz for you.
Contact me anytime at 832-846-9669 and let me know when you are ready to send your first payment so I can get started on hand-making your grill!
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  • waiting fro her to sneeze or yawn ...

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  • Shorty teeth was fucced up😂

    Kidd OttoKidd Otto10 kun oldin
  • are you able to remold your grills if they dont fit no more?

    jojo ramosjojo ramos25 kun oldin
    • No you can’t but you can get a new one for a good price

      andres garciaandres garcia23 kun oldin
  • “It’s doesn’t matter if your teeth ugly” 😭😭😭

    Ryan CampbellRyan CampbellOy oldin
  • I've seen it all now . I love him tho 😆

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  • He look he say tit haha XD

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  • Damn her teeth are fuck up

    Bash MorningstarBash Morningstar2 oy oldin
  • I’m bout to order the 1,700$ ten top ten bottoms n idk if the “mold kit comes with just a set for the top of your teeth or do I need to get two mold kits

    Sweet TeaSweet Tea2 oy oldin
  • I'll be getting one from ya soon Johnny... thanks...

    303rd TV303rd TV2 oy oldin
  • I think best grills are your actual teeth

    Aleksa RadovicAleksa Radovic3 oy oldin
  • Johnny can’t talk for shit but I understand him 😂

    Murphy’s LawMurphy’s Law3 oy oldin
    • Bra 😹

      Anime HunterAnime Hunter3 oy oldin
  • Damn them fucked up ass teeth 😂 get a dentist job instead of a Johnny dang grill

    Playboii Clout.Playboii Clout.3 oy oldin
  • Nyc

    Roman TaraRoman Tara3 oy oldin
  • He said three minutes but put up 4 fingers 😭

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  • I know people like that she probably is a freaking golddigger I know that face she’s probably like I want to find a man and give me all money I’m not stupid like I know that look

    Oi big boy filoOi big boy filo3 oy oldin
  • got a grill from they sent the wrong grill but it fits great also I ordered a size 6 ring for my lover they sent a size 7 I ordered a diamond cross pendant april 15th 2020 and I'm still waiting on it and its Aug 5th now its not even been shipped yet no cap

    • @andres it's better because I get exactly what I pay for not the wrong size or different design than pictures and the description . When u see a picture of what your gonna get then u kno what your gonna get but not with Johnny dang I have a 14k yellow diamond cross from him it cost me about 750 I have information saved on email and other crap but it has idk 15 small diamonds and the picture it showed three nicer size diamonds not just that but it's not stamped 14k or 10 or 18k it says 1.1x16 and everybody thinks my shyt is fake from tv johnny dang I put it in my son and pops and all the picture also showed me a solid cross did not show the back but the sides you can see plain as day solid mine has holes cut all the way threw even the the shape of the top the chain goes threw is a different shape I have switched from to because jacoje gives me what I want 2 day chipping on chains I had a custom pendant made it took 2weeks and 2 days to ship all the way from California the box is nicer you get a velevet bag in a velvet bag great packaging alot of thought he is proud of what he does.. tvjohnny dang fucked me outra 200 dollar because I ordered 3 designed on a piece and he only did two of them and every design added cost about 200 dollars extra u poked me n my pooper I have nice shit from him but it's all wrong and I had to go to local jewelry to get the cross checked cause no stamp or certificate telling you what the final weight is of gold of cwt of diamonds I dont even kno if I have 1.2cwt like it says on my order information cause I got 15 tiny diamonds to replace where 3 bigger diamonds was supposed to be I'm smart I knew I was getting a deal on that piece and he dident like that I suppose sending me a diamond I cant believe he would put in a piece of his work the great johnny dang u kno him he put a diamond that is so bad looking everytime I look at it I'm like damn that's a messed up looking diamond y does it look so foggy and scratched and y dont it shine like the rest even the one that like chipped or placed lop sided something ain't right maybe it's a millimeter off then the rest I dont kno but u can tell its jacked from about 10 feet away no bs I wish I could post you a picture on here for u and all . . Listen everybody if u ain't part of the diamond boys or some high class ritch entertainment interview for him to get the spot light when he hands you a piece dont mess with him .. Haters say he is just a name all jeweler have a name and tvjohnny means u better be famous on tv or johnny gonna cut you short made me wait 4 months for a small bad diamond quality cross .. u is Walmart's diamonds better than mine from tv johnny dang some are good but man some are worthless if u ask me one looks like it has dirt on the inside of the diamond I can see it low light from 3 feet away it does not shine like the rest u can tell in pictures the black hole from the bad diamond placement and the different colored ones aka worse quality the the horrible one that a poor man like me is upset about how can he sen me a diamond that looks so dirty and dull

    • That’s why you come to good jeweler same or better work than Johnnys

      andres garciaandres garcia23 kun oldin
  • Hey man, how come? You took a cast with a spoon for the upper jaw from the lower teeth😆 🤣 this is a fiasco. I'm a fan of yours, everything else is fine

    Зуботехник USAЗуботехник USA4 oy oldin
  • Can you please recommend somebody in Miami Florida or Broward County Florida I went to this lady on 27th Ave. off of 183rd and I got 10 to the top 10 to the bottom the bottom were OK but the top never felt right so it broke she did it again and it still doesn’t feet right i’m not given her no more please can you recommend some one in the 305 or 954... as a matter fact you should come to Miami Florida the grill game is lucrative💰💰

    William HoltonWilliam Holton4 oy oldin
  • Surprising her?

    James Howard Davis The ThirdJames Howard Davis The Third5 oy oldin
  • A perfect model for the mole making, Johny looks huge next to her

    Ch Job ChawangCh Job Chawang5 oy oldin
    • 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂

      Dino velvetDino velvet4 oy oldin

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  • කෙසේ වෙතත්, සම්පූර්ණයෙන්ම සං the ාවේ වැදගත්ම අංගය වන්නේ එය වස්තුවයි

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  • McDunn nods. 'Well, we'll just have a look, shall we?' He looks at the two cops who've just arrived and holds up one hand, flexing it. 'Gloves, lads.'

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  • Sow eye dew tha mol foe treeh menit no moe tan tat??

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    • I’m weak! 🤣

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  • ශක්තිය.Adrien ගෝඩන් වයිස්ගේ වාර්තාවේ හමු කැරොලිනා Toledano, එක් ඉංජිනේරුවන්

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  • Her teeth 🦷 is not the straightest so I want to see how this grill will look like?

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    • Lmao bruh her teeth had teeth

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  • Thanks for a very informative video.

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  • Big up man...i wanna join the "Diamond boys" gang Hook me up

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    • @lildick girl666s yh finna do that

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    • @Philip Prange u can do monthly payments

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    • @lildick girl666s I dont have thousands to spend but is like $350 enough to get started?

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    • Abdillahi Mahamed yeah broke ass nigga

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    • U have to pay broke nigga

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  • damm.. all those times u still got dat accent - respect👌👌 (tự hào vinglish)

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  • Thanks for the instructions but I can't understand a word you are saying Johnny.

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    • my thoughts exactly

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    • 😂😂😂 dead asf

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    • Yes surrr! Diamond gang

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  • I love Johnny but his English is horrible.

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  • Khi làm nên mang khẩu trang a ơi.

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  • Thank you for sharing this knowledge

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  • Looking for a job Johnny hmu

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  • Tht girl made johnny look tall😭

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    • @G.I.G Gun yuh buh if she stood up she would still make em look tall....

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  • Bro your a pimp homie when I grow up I wanna be like you please let me get a job I wanna learn the business

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    • Word of advice don’t try to be like him become something better be yo own nigga cuhz and real pimps just figure out on they own they improvise on everything cuhz

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    • Nasty ass attitude

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  • Do you do training on making grills ?

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  • in Spanish please Johnnygand

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  • You are number one best diamond tooth jeweller

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  • Johnny thru a gang sign of Houston 🤘🏽 😂😂 I know it’s not a gang sign but still he a fool with it !!! (re-Edit)

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    • Its not from houston. Its rocknroll shit🤟

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  • Do a giveaway to your followers! Please 😂

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  • The only reason that keeps me from getting a Gold grill is that my bottom teeth ain't fully straight. Then I see mfs with crazy crooked teeth getting grills, such as Fat nick. I might just pull the trigger soon.

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  • *All that bling on him got me blinded....lmao*

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  • Hello sir jonny dang from philippines ...april 18 is my birthday i hope there is a raffle.

  • Anh Johnny I'm from Australia.. love your work! I want a job please?

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    • Roman who said I was American? Fuck boy

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    • You one them dudes likes to hang with guys a lot.

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    • B L are you aware of the fact that names are different following the countries ? American aren’t the center of the world dumbass

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    • @Jamarquantavius Jameroquai Jr. ill get all the finger snap applauses. who got drunk and decided to name you?!

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    • You should do stand up comedy... At a deaf club.

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  • I'm glad my wife works at a dentist and knows how to do this right.! 😬😬😬 flawless

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  • Im Vietnamese and he’s cool as F

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    • @1heavyhammer shit up bitch

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    • @Wilson Henry doesn't mean you don't look dumb.

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    • @Wilson Henry its COST, not cos

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  • How doesn’t he know how to speak better English he’s been here for like 8 years

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    • Try to learn another language and speak better than him. Its not easy for anybody foreigner to speak like native

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    • @Chi Thanh he's been in America since 1997.

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    • ISSA FLASH He’s too busy trying to run his business instead of trying to learn english. Plus the older you’re the harder it is to learn a new language.

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