Flooded Lion Pendant and Chain 150 Carats for Lil Jon!!

6-Sen, 2019
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#LasVegas #LilJon #AlliDoisWin
Johnny Dang travels to Las Vegas to meet with VIP client Lil Jon and delivers his insane 150 carrot flooded diamond pendant on a Gucci type chain.
About Johnny Dang and Co:
If you ask Travis Scott, Beyonce, Lil Jon, and other big names in hip hop where to find the best grillz and customized jewelry in H-Town, they'll undoubtedly send you to Johnny Dang, “the jeweler to the stars.” Johnny started out small and ever since has single-handedly changed the way that entertainers accessorize. His Houston store offers the best of the best. That includes engagement rings, watches, and other fine designer pieces. Whatever you’re in the market for, you can be sure that all of Johnny’s creations will shine just as bright as the rare diamonds they’re made of.
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  • Money is what in my bank not on my neck dumb f..ks show off and get kills 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Nhut PhamNhut Pham2 oy oldin
  • I understand that shit costs a lot of money but it looks stupid as f..k and all your N thinks it's cool. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Nhut PhamNhut Pham2 oy oldin
  • The beat hit hard though

    respect everybody no haterespect everybody no hate4 oy oldin
  • One of the top Hip Hop chain+pendant

    cruisingthe101cruisingthe1014 oy oldin
  • Check out

    Mack MizzleMack Mizzle6 oy oldin
  • This the second hardest chain I seen

    FloridaBoi TayFloridaBoi Tay6 oy oldin
  • Lil jon: yeeaahhhh Johnny: yessssirrr

    Long NguyenLong Nguyen8 oy oldin
  • Ice box would have said 500,000 Johnny dang is the best

    Grayson FurlongGrayson Furlong9 oy oldin
  • Such a beautiful chain! I'm a Leo and damn that chain is so sick! 😍

    Carisa MarieCarisa Marie9 oy oldin

    bamboo artbamboo art10 oy oldin
  • Only if that coin was actually dropping cash in my account evertime they cussed 😜💸💸💸💸

    Americanized Romainain Gypsy since 91Americanized Romainain Gypsy since 9110 oy oldin
  • I said this once but again *how many more diamonds are left in the world after making all these rappers jewelry

    Xyxen8hydraXyxen8hydraYil oldin
    • Many. Many many many many many many many. And you have lab diamonds, human made diamonds and list goes on

      MollyMolly11 oy oldin
  • I taught that was for his son

    chankanyychankanyyYil oldin
  • Wait I thought lil jhon been fuck up..😂😂😂 damn fool me

    Rashawn WilsonRashawn WilsonYil oldin
  • Why it clack all hollow what is the weight ?

    Nightmares 2NightNightmares 2NightYil oldin
  • Pa que digan luego que es falsa🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣el mejor joyero que e visto en muchos años🇪🇸💪👏👏👏

    Kylek_ OficialKylek_ OficialYil oldin
  • R3$ teeth thing

    Devoun StarrDevoun StarrYil oldin
  • Didn’t icebox tax tee giz 300k for this 🤣

    Meow DaLaChowMeow DaLaChowYil oldin
    • You guys are all insane if you think tee paid 300k for that. They throw those numbers out there so people like yourselves will talk about it , which in turn keeps these hustlers relevant.

      Mr NobodyMr NobodyYil oldin
    • Meow DaLaChow tees is solid gold lil Jon chain hollow

      The Great HaguThe Great HaguYil oldin
  • these suckers paid money to watch these dudes show off his new chain. incredible

    Jay PJay PYil oldin
  • Should've been red rubies in the mouth instead of red paint.

    B. P.B. P.Yil oldin
    • B. P. It’s red enamel

      Joseph BravoJoseph BravoYil oldin
  • Making easy money on all these stupid rappers

    Fu BitchFu BitchYil oldin
  • But lil John is washed up???

    P2Feener 305P2Feener 305Yil oldin
  • Go Johnny go. Just awesome, everything y'all make.😎

    Charles FrymanCharles FrymanYil oldin
  • Dj was so trash at the end but overall very dope video

    I Watch OrganicI Watch OrganicYil oldin
  • stupid

    Łukasz ChmielewskiŁukasz ChmielewskiYil oldin
  • Fuck Johnny yall support this immigrant but wont support your American jewlery fuck him

    Jonathan & Ashley VasquezJonathan & Ashley VasquezYil oldin
  • why showing to people you re rich that it for yourself , billionaires never act this way

    maxi inchmaxi inchYil oldin
  • Hãnh diên nguoi vn.... Idol

    Phuong VoPhuong VoYil oldin
  • If if he drops it

    Xu KevinXu KevinYil oldin
    • Just imagine

      Xu KevinXu KevinYil oldin
  • 💸💸💸💸💸

    Otilio chingón HdezOtilio chingón HdezYil oldin
  • 💎💎💎

    Otilio chingón HdezOtilio chingón HdezYil oldin
  • Best piece n chain yet imop. Yesss Suhhhhh! You Know WhutDittDee!

    Valentino FalconValentino FalconYil oldin
  • Crunk aint deat 1111111111111, dj lil jon 00000000

    Minator SelmaniMinator SelmaniYil oldin
  • somebody should tell johnny that carrot is a vegetable

    Christian LewisChristian LewisYil oldin
  • Looks like a door knob on ur chest lol!!!

  • I'm a Leo and I like it

    IdontlikethatshitIdontlikethatshitYil oldin
  • Lol 😂 cold 🥶 lil John still yeah yeah yea 😂 nice piece

    Fam JacksFam JacksYil oldin
  • Look wack Why spend money on that trash. Ain't no twelve year old.

    Hedonists Heaven.Hedonists Heaven.Yil oldin
  • ❤⚘🥇👍✌

    BELKEZzI SaidBELKEZzI SaidYil oldin
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    Yung FanessYung FanessYil oldin
  • Aint Nobody HustLing Like Me in Panama City FLorida i Got On Shoes Everyday An HustLing Round The WhoLs Town it Been This Way Forever Gone Be Forever

    Yung FanessYung FanessYil oldin
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    Yung FanessYung FanessYil oldin
  • Who ALL Need They Grass Cut? ima Expert Cuting Grass Push Mower i Got My Own Lawn Service

    Yung FanessYung FanessYil oldin
  • LiL Jon Aint Doing No Concert

    Yung FanessYung FanessYil oldin
  • i Got No Money For Now An No Checking Account For Now An im in My Hometown Panama City FLorida ima End Up With Mo Money Than Money Though Money Aint Going No Where it Aint ALL Bout The Stuff An Money With Me it Never Was Aint Never Gone Be When You Broke You Find Out Who For You An Who Aint You Gone Find Out Aint Nobody For You Aint Nobody Down For Me im ALways On My HustLe HustLing

    Yung FanessYung FanessYil oldin
  • Where That JeweLer At?i Got Some Orders From Me For Some Chains BraceLets An Watchs i Customize So i Get it How im Trying Haveing it Look

    Yung FanessYung FanessYil oldin
  • That NeckLace Pair Long Though

    Yung FanessYung FanessYil oldin
  • i Thought LiL Jon Was Dead

    Yung FanessYung FanessYil oldin
  • That Chain Smokeing Hot He Aint Give it To Him For Free LiL Jon Payed For it He Say He Ordered it

    Yung FanessYung FanessYil oldin
  • 👍

    Eliezer AugustoEliezer AugustoYil oldin
  • All these gold diamonds and so on is not rite as people get killed in mass quantities for these people to wear it..... Jus think of the kids and adults that been shot and chopped up for your luxury.

    J JjJ JjYil oldin

    esa 2 timesesa 2 timesYil oldin
  • Imagine if he tripped dropped that shit into the crowd on accident😂😂😂😂

    TimeTraveling SchoolShooterTimeTraveling SchoolShooterYil oldin
  • Looks ugly stupidity in these rappers don't impress straight no vvs or no certificate what's impressive doing positive things with money like helping communities.

    Charles SamuelCharles SamuelYil oldin
  • that bitch look heavy

    RetributionRetributionYil oldin
  • trying to copy tee grizzley , not gonna do it chief

    blue tonikblue tonikYil oldin
  • They jewelry be sounding like when two empty aluminum soda cans bang against each other...them be hallow

    Flaming Fi’yahFlaming Fi’yahYil oldin
  • T grizzley custom piece...CHECK IT OUT. uzworld.info/player/video/rrDfgctvgaSxgao

    Marino RMarino RYil oldin
  • "Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone in this world and I have no one to talk to!" - lil John

    Shyanne W.Shyanne W.Yil oldin
    • No oneee who understands my painnnnn 😂😂

      Does it MatterDoes it MatterYil oldin
    • Legendary

      Young rich famous Most handsome n wealthyYoung rich famous Most handsome n wealthyYil oldin
    • gay

      ChrisChrisYil oldin
  • Johnny com os melhores grillz.... assistindo do Brasil 😃😃😍😍😍

    Duduzinho BrDuduzinho BrYil oldin
    • Let’s warm it up mamacita

      MIKE’S LIFE.MIKE’S LIFE.Yil oldin
  • Wish he would have grabbed it when he was in lethbridge!! I wanted to see it

    JamesDZ OlerJamesDZ OlerYil oldin
  • T Grizzly’s chain is better 🤦🏽‍♂️

    SultanSultanYil oldin
    • Na

      Nick ReyesNick ReyesYil oldin
    • Facts and shines better

      Proceed With CortionProceed With CortionYil oldin
  • SO to the people that never saw lil jon without the shades

    Tommy ReusseTommy ReusseYil oldin
    • He look googly

      MR BRRRMR BRRRYil oldin
  • lmao @ the description talking about 150 carrot 😂

    Tommy ReusseTommy ReusseYil oldin
  • That's a dope pendant

    DJ EzassculDJ EzassculYil oldin
  • That bihh too hard🥶🥶

    Jagg SimbaJagg SimbaYil oldin
  • Fuck you

    Daf สายเลาะDaf สายเลาะYil oldin
  • DAMMN THAT BITCH COLD but i would have got jack head from the nightmare befo xmas!!!

    Mister KlumsyMister KlumsyYil oldin
  • J.D the Goat...hahahahaahaha

    Mark YoungMark YoungYil oldin
  • Why do the chain ,they sound like metal

    jasian lericejasian lericeYil oldin
  • That is the same thing that Cam'ron had in the movie Paid in Full but that one has a looooooooot of diamonds and Cam'ron was just gold

    Tiago LXTiago LXYil oldin
  • Johnny dang look the funniest dude to hangout with lmao✊🏼

    Prod. MontyProd. MontyYil oldin
  • 💯💯💯

    Trilly TuesdayTrilly TuesdayYil oldin
  • Shoulda Got The Flooded Cuban Link With It Tho That Chain Dont Fit The Charm #MyOpinionTho 💯

    Spade 10/00Spade 10/00Yil oldin
    • I thought the same lol

      Stoney TurtleStoney TurtleYil oldin
  • That shit reminds me of that lion movie production before the movie comes on. Watch somebody is going to copy him

    Tha investorTha investorYil oldin
  • Not trying to hate but Johnny's jewelry look fake or the diamonds are of low quality. I never see that blue shine in the diamonds🤔. #Need the diamond tester asap..

    G HixG HixYil oldin
    • lmao that's obvious hate why tf would celebrities go to a jeweler who makes fake shit? stfu

      Anonymous UhAnonymous Uh6 oy oldin
  • That looks like a snake instead of a lion

    Sif ArtoriousSif ArtoriousYil oldin
  • Lil Jon got on them candy cane Jordan 14's.. SMACKIN

    Percy BrownPercy BrownYil oldin
  • Diamonds dull than a bitch lol cant see it bruh

    KingFlackoKingFlackoYil oldin
  • Tee grizzly shit better

    Chris MasonChris MasonYil oldin
  • Nothing exceeds like excess Tony...

    Dj SantosDj SantosYil oldin
  • Here's an idea 💡 Why don't you rich rappersband Black "celebrities" invest in your own jewelry businesses and stop giving these foreign fucks your money. We gotta start building our own economic infrastructure.

    Hiram AbiffHiram AbiffYil oldin
  • Those peoples hands are still up til this day!

    Samuel lSamuel lYil oldin
  • I wonder whatever happened to the Eastside Boyz???

    Shawn SteedShawn SteedYil oldin
  • I hope to see the store in real life someday Johnny. Diamond boy in da house

    SUPREME RC & Esk8 TechSUPREME RC & Esk8 TechYil oldin
  • Clean chain but braggin bout it at a show..bad look😐

    richkidd 90richkidd 90Yil oldin
    • He fucken earned it he should be proud.

      ADWTJADWTJYil oldin
    • Hater 😆

      ADWTJADWTJYil oldin
  • Everything was all good till I heard it was hallow,,you can even see little Johnys face change when he rubbed the chains together, like he fucked up

    Eddie ParrillaEddie ParrillaYil oldin
  • 100 karats or 150 🤨

    Joe OlveraJoe OlveraYil oldin
  • I have mayor respect for LIL Jon he is working over n kash aka MOTHER AFRICA supplying the with better schools,computers and free schooling cuz its not like we have it here in the states. You have to 💰 for ur kid to have any education


    Junior DeleonJunior DeleonYil oldin
    • Junior Deleon that’s not fair Johnny killin the game and always has been

      Alex MoralesAlex MoralesYil oldin
  • Nigga need to save his money

    🌍🌍Yil oldin
  • Who is tv sonny

    Anthony LopezAnthony LopezYil oldin
  • Nice 🦁 piece, but what u got on Johnny??? Your tennis necklace looks like 4ct. ea. 💎 stones! ❄️

    Robb Vann MannRobb Vann MannYil oldin
  • From the description: "Insane 150 CARROT" lmao

    Juris BlumfeldsJuris BlumfeldsYil oldin
    • Lmfaooo 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

      Stoners OpinionStoners Opinion6 oy oldin
  • Jon & Johnny

    Big boss recordBig boss recordYil oldin
  • Damn LiL John

    The Real Jimbo BeatsThe Real Jimbo BeatsYil oldin
  • Deffo Lookin a @johnnydangandco Chain!!! Thumbs Up My Bro ille be comin to See you Soon :)

    KNOXYKNOXYYil oldin
  • I need Johnny for a white tiger chain

    Joshua SmithJoshua SmithYil oldin
    • @The Duck Story 350K?

      Anonymous UhAnonymous Uh6 oy oldin
    • Im dropping 350 on a royal bengal tiger chain

      The Duck StoryThe Duck StoryYil oldin
  • You know this concert is nowhere near the hood when you can stop the show, pull out a piece of jewelry and announce it has 150 carats 😂😂😂

    Marcus HerboldMarcus HerboldYil oldin
    • Facts 😭😭😭

      young Hunchoyoung Huncho8 oy oldin
    • Hancho familia I know I’m just kidding. With all the rappers that have gotten their chains snatched in clubs and venues nobody would ever wear that chain in a bar or club in the hood. Not to mention stop and announce that they have a chain with a hundred diamonds in it.

      Marcus HerboldMarcus HerboldYil oldin
    • Marcus Herbold or just a heavily secured club. Vegas has alot of cops and security all around nightclubs on the strip

      Head HonchoHead HonchoYil oldin
    • Great Point,lol.

      marco pollomarco polloYil oldin
  • Leo pride, hey what credentials must ome meet to work in the drip industry like your own?

    Kameron ColeKameron ColeYil oldin