Astroworld Tickets or Diamond Grill Giveaway

29-Okt, 2019
23 841 Ko‘rishlar soni

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Two Free All Access Backstage Passes to AstroWorld Festival on November 9th!
One Free Honeycomb Diamond Grill!
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Johnny Dang & Co Online

  • What beat is that??????

    littlej flittlej f3 oy oldin
  • Love your work!!! Please keep me in mind, i Emailed you..

    Felicity CardenasFelicity CardenasYil oldin
  • Give me my grill johnny lol

    tony 2xtony 2xYil oldin
  • @zoeyzoey

    Zoey ZoeyZoey ZoeyYil oldin
  • @reman

    Huynh DuongHuynh DuongYil oldin
  • Hellaaa!! Blessings from Costa Rica. 🇨🇷🔥

    L I L' S J O S SL I L' S J O S SYil oldin
  • Got my entry In I think I did right lol

    420 mancave420 mancaveYil oldin
  • Just entered my chance to win man this would be a blessing 🙏

    Brandon DouglassBrandon DouglassYil oldin
  • Fuckkkkkk wittttttt meeeeeee, just did everything!

    Kole SKole SYil oldin
  • Bout to be ice 🥶 up #jerry #melli #jtg

    David KhalifaDavid KhalifaYil oldin
  • Hope you see I subscribed #flylikeus

    G!LLYG!LLYYil oldin
  • Post notifications on 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😘

    Amanda LopezAmanda LopezYil oldin
  • Please pick me

    O IO IYil oldin
  • When is the winner getting announced !?

    Quaryon LarryQuaryon LarryYil oldin
  • 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽 yesss

    todaywithzeytodaywithzeyYil oldin
  • Ice me out #MMPM

    CjDaGr48 & Cb MarvoCjDaGr48 & Cb MarvoYil oldin
  • Just submitted my entry! Good luck ppl! #kingofice #diamondboyz

    JuanitoJuanitoYil oldin
  • Ticketts

    Zach MarshZach MarshYil oldin
  • Grill b wet remember i said this jonny i will cash out next year for mine

    mrgreenshootamrgreenshootaYil oldin
  • Ayyy I'm tryna f wid the grills u done trippie nice

    MirageMirageYil oldin
  • Ok king of Bling sent the email did what was requested Hope to hear from y’all soon

    Melanie HiattMelanie HiattYil oldin
  • JOHNNY IM TRYING TO RAGE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎡🎢🎠🚀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Adrian LewisAdrian LewisYil oldin
  • I accept

    AdidastatAdidastatYil oldin
  • 💯💯💯💯💯💎💎💎❄️❄️❄️🥶🥶🥶🥶

    Warrin BWarrin BYil oldin
  • I need that grill and tickets b

  • Waiting on those custom grillz

    Mopreme DreamMopreme DreamYil oldin
  • I need a grill Johnny been wanting one since I was in 6th grade!!

    Marissa SmithMarissa SmithYil oldin
  • Been a fan Jonny u the greatest

    The big gippo KgThe big gippo KgYil oldin
  • Submitting right now I NEED THAT ICE AND TICKET 🥶

    Bunz BroBunz BroYil oldin
  • Done and finished. Hope I win

    Aw BrizAw BrizYil oldin
  • The best 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

    Juan OteroJuan OteroYil oldin
  • Done Johnny I hope I win man much love from Odessa

    Theisaac ArguellesTheisaac ArguellesYil oldin
  • Let’s go 💪🏾💎💎💎

    Robbie_ RobRobbie_ RobYil oldin
  • How about some studio time and a demo print outs.

    KT BKT BYil oldin
  • Damn I can't apply, I ain't got no friends

    makavelithadon2pac shakurmakavelithadon2pac shakurYil oldin
  • Done! Bless me with the grill Johnny💪🏼

    Bnkroll GBnkroll GYil oldin
  • Diamond grill gonna last way longer Astro world is just 1 day

    RiziRiziYil oldin
  • Entry submitted!!! Wish everyone the best of luck!!!

    Rj WeaverRj WeaverYil oldin
  • Bro all I saw was I think this dude said grills 👀but damn that’s hard coz a Astroworld pass is hard as hell , Travis has like the most insane concerts probs worldwide he has the best concerts so it is hard very hard to choose hay?

    ISAACS MatthewISAACS MatthewYil oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐 good luck

    Kelvinsillo ClainKelvinsillo ClainYil oldin
  • Just did it hopefully I win

    CertifiedponyCertifiedponyYil oldin
  • Follow link.

    Demetrius BurdenDemetrius BurdenYil oldin
  • Johnnyn u my idol cause u putting on for South eastvasians

    blickymanblickymanYil oldin
  • Ill take the diamonds

    Starz BangStarz BangYil oldin
  • I'll share aready 💯

    Alex WilliamsAlex WilliamsYil oldin
  • Help me with a diamond grill Johnny dang Tizzy Tarantino from the uk 🇬🇧 I need to GLO‼️ up!!!!! y⭕️⭕️

    Tizzy Tarantino.8Tizzy Tarantino.8Yil oldin
  • Gryl Brother

    Michael kozłowskiMichael kozłowskiYil oldin
  • Mannn i hope i get that grill

    muney samuney saYil oldin
  • Bless a scottish fan with a johnny dang grill bhoy

    Peoples ManPeoples ManYil oldin
  • TVJOHNNY! Just shared it on my twitter feed, would love to win this year because I’m going to the ASTROWORLD FESTIVAL 2019! See you there! #DiamondBoyz

    Jaime MezaJaime MezaYil oldin
  • GOOD LUCKKKK EVERYONE!!!!!!! May the best onese win!

    OmgyoliaOmgyoliaYil oldin
  • Done 😁 Bless me with the grills, perfect birthday gift 11/09🎉 #23

    Felishawn GauseFelishawn GauseYil oldin
  • If I get the grill I would flex a little bit of I had a phone but I would sell it and but a phone and give the feast to my parents h and also but shoes

    Jarelle LucaJarelle LucaYil oldin
  • i’m just trying to go to astroworld 😖

    yahir maganayahir maganaYil oldin
  • Yessir 🔥

    justin Zunijustin ZuniYil oldin
  • Just send it I hope I win a diamond grill it’s going be my first one

    Filmed By Jayy713Filmed By Jayy713Yil oldin
  • Check email I sent it from

    Ceo KaelinCeo KaelinYil oldin
  • I did it

    Fam JacksFam JacksYil oldin
  • Bad

    Michael MillsMichael MillsYil oldin
  • Jamaica Baby

  • Who won the grill or tickets I'd be ok with the tickets can I get a ticket

    Jaythan RangelJaythan RangelYil oldin

    Lesther RamalesLesther RamalesYil oldin
  • Southern Cali need a grill from Jonny i = Cali I need a grill ....Good lookin

    HalfTime ThompsonHalfTime ThompsonYil oldin
  • need me that ice

    Aidan McmullanAidan McmullanYil oldin
  • King of bling never dissapoints with his pieces #quality #quantity the best in the game. If I were to get a piece jhonny will be the man to get it done

    Denzel Got itDenzel Got itYil oldin
  • Done

    Artro NixArtro NixYil oldin
  • Everybody knows I'm the winner of the Flawless Diamond Boyz Grill ... Wizard Wax 👑✨👑

  • When can we enter?

    8bePunch Gawd TV8bePunch Gawd TVYil oldin
    • Ok

      8bePunch Gawd TV8bePunch Gawd TVYil oldin
    • Today

      johnnydangandcojohnnydangandcoYil oldin
  • Is this real tho? 😂

    Moe kMoe kYil oldin
  • Post notifications been on you didn have to make that a step lol

    BlackwatchBlackwatchYil oldin
  • Done

  • Done d m me at benjylol123

    BenjyBenjyYil oldin
  • Johnny is the king of ice . Im So proud to be from Houston knowing we got the king of ice raised in the H too mane . 44Acres homes repp

    John RalstonJohn RalstonYil oldin
  • 🥶

    Forever God SentForever God SentYil oldin
  • JHONNYDANG THE KING OF BLING ...recently I saw ur family in the recent vedio u uploaded .,very glad that I saw ur family much respect &love Johnny if u r ready to give me a chance .,I’m freakin ready wit my life I’ll be with you forever means I’ll work around you whatever.,wherever.,whichever.,&whenever!! no lies everything frm the bottom of my heart ❣ if u waana change one’s life hit me up 🤙🤙 I’m f-in ready king 👑 please respond to me & hoping so.🙌🙌🙌❣️❣️

    Murali SanjuMurali SanjuYil oldin
  • Hopefully I’m the winner for the ( honeycomb diamond grill ) shoutout to Johnny dang and ASTROWORLD 💯

    Blue LifeBlue LifeYil oldin
  • Thank you for sharing i just enter your giveaway

    Joshua RamirezJoshua RamirezYil oldin
  • Yess sir 🙅‍♂️🧢

    Herbert AlexsonHerbert AlexsonYil oldin
  • I’m ready to be part of the ice tray gang 🥶

    QQYil oldin
  • ASTROWORLD Tickets

    Itsyourboi 21Itsyourboi 21Yil oldin
  • Grill please

    SOLEXSOLEXYil oldin
  • Pick me, I’m tryna see something... yesssirr

    Tyler CalhounTyler CalhounYil oldin
  • just submitted my entry, good luck everyone!!

    KevSpecKevSpecYil oldin
  • How wish to have one chain and one pendant that have diamonds but so very impossible because there’s other priorities 😔😔😔😔😔 and also i know is to subcribe only😔

    Mr. Jaca 26Mr. Jaca 26Yil oldin
  • Too bad, I’m in the P.I. , want the grill though. 😂

    MrJM214MrJM214Yil oldin
  • Fuc Johnny

    Kendrick HicksKendrick HicksYil oldin
  • Ayyyeeee🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 always doing it big !

    Jovan GonzalezJovan GonzalezYil oldin
  • Bless me with a grill Johnny dang 🙌🙏

    Eric GEric GYil oldin
  • Stop playing with me yall know thats my grill 🙌🙌

    THE One 916THE One 916Yil oldin
  • Johnny you know I need them grillz

    BigReags0BigReags0Yil oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯👍🏿done it Johnnydang

    Vice VersaVice VersaYil oldin
  • id rather have the grill

    Tommy ReusseTommy ReusseYil oldin
  • yesssssssirrrrrrrr i’m on that.

    Donovan DavisDonovan DavisYil oldin
  • 817 in the building

  • Fuck a ticket I’ll get the grill sell that shit then all my niggas can get a ticket Lmfao

    iwant_moorecashiwant_moorecashYil oldin
  • Thanks Johnny I've been a subscriber. Ice tray Da gang

    Darien BrewerDarien BrewerYil oldin
    • I’ve been greedy

      King SamKing SamYil oldin
  • Already done!

    J0urney ArtJ0urney ArtYil oldin
  • I did it lol

    Luis RestoLuis RestoYil oldin
  • let me win that grill johnny

    Antonio ChipleyAntonio ChipleyYil oldin
  • I need that grill in my life asap 💯

    Never broke AgainNever broke AgainYil oldin