All Star Recap 2021 includes Yung Bleu, Lil Jon, Gervonta Davis and more

22-Mar, 2021
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All Star Recap 2021 with the Diamond Boyz
Johnny Dang & Co Online

  • Sick

    LeglessLexLeglessLex7 kun oldin
  • Đây mới là chùmmmmmm

    Tuyet BuiTuyet Bui8 kun oldin
  • Blue davinci is wearing 3 chains that look exactly the same, holds up a 4th chain and says to Jonny “yeah I’d like one of these iced out with the Vandross pendant” aka a 4th chain that’s exactly the same. 🤣

    AurA - Pubg Mobile CompAurA - Pubg Mobile Comp9 kun oldin
  • Damn why oldboy mad u johnny

    Buzzo Midwe5tBuzzo Midwe5t10 kun oldin
  • Chưa ngưỡng mộ người Việt nào ngoại trừ anh 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Gnoht HàngGnoht Hàng11 kun oldin
  • Tuyệt vời

    thuy tranlethuy tranle14 kun oldin
  • Fact that everyone hugs jhonny they really care for thim, cause he cares for them.

    Kedlin EloissaintKedlin Eloissaint15 kun oldin
  • my dog has the same chain. not with diamonds in it, though

    minh nguyenminh nguyen15 kun oldin
  • TV Johnny and Lil John seem like some genuinely good dudes.

    Mizzle420420Mizzle42042016 kun oldin
  • Lil John's crib seems so chill, I'd be his homie fr

    Mizzle420420Mizzle42042016 kun oldin
  • 🔥

    meyer lanskymeyer lansky16 kun oldin
  • Why not use black opal that’s a flex

    Fernando benitezFernando benitez16 kun oldin
  • intro song

    Kxi DiorKxi Dior18 kun oldin
  • Johnny Dang do business everywhere.

    Willie MWillie M19 kun oldin
  • who was in the pink gucci?! looked like a skinny gucci mane

    Pat GPat G20 kun oldin
  • Wondering if you guys need sapphire

    junaid abbasjunaid abbas21 kun oldin
  • Yo

    junaid abbasjunaid abbas21 kun oldin
  • What is the beat name in the end of the vdeo?? Guyz help. Maybe someone can tell the beat maker name 🤞🤞

    Verners VolkovsVerners Volkovs21 kun oldin

    Cordless Plug TVCordless Plug TV21 kun oldin
  • Fogo de chão 🇧🇷🔥

  • The jewels you make are so beautiful and wonderful I wish I could own them too

    Aj YogaAj Yoga23 kun oldin
  • Well Vicky out there chasing clout as usual

    Tony ATony A25 kun oldin
  • Always working.

    Revenant MandalorianRevenant Mandalorian26 kun oldin
  • Johhny a real

    SteekySteeky26 kun oldin
  • We in here with big ten diamond buy

    rany lopezrany lopez26 kun oldin
  • 10:38 dude going to have chips and candy in his grill

    Adrian StreetAdrian Street26 kun oldin
  • Johnny more better than a rapper does 💯 not taking any chances

    Adrian StreetAdrian Street26 kun oldin
  • Johnny cool but man the people who work for him always seem too make me Cringe

    Just A PostJust A Post26 kun oldin

    PerezPerez26 kun oldin
  • Gervonta Davis #1

    The boxing fanThe boxing fan27 kun oldin
  • Boring need tekashi69 up in there!!!

    Hat3in ass Bl33ders keep LurkingHat3in ass Bl33ders keep Lurking27 kun oldin
  • The king of crunk chain was dope!

    Rob AllbanksRob Allbanks27 kun oldin
  • 👼🤲💓💌

    Noy LaoNoy Lao28 kun oldin
  • Yo some diamond lish

    Max RastovMax Rastov28 kun oldin
  • Johnny hustling in da club aswell

    Patrick RaphelPatrick Raphel28 kun oldin
  • He came thru in the Gucci trench

    Chiraq VlogsChiraq Vlogs28 kun oldin
  • Buy some hope withst monet for people who really needed. Fade back or out.

    Web NameWeb Name28 kun oldin
  • Mask on mask off. Its ridiculous.

    slimeballzslimeballz28 kun oldin
  • he fr need to learn english wit all that money at least as

    francis babefrancis babe28 kun oldin
  • Johnny seen the whole industry in one night.

    DxvxrgxrDxvxrgxr28 kun oldin
  • I know young blue

    ddgg the goatddgg the goat28 kun oldin
  • Issaaaaalotaaaa money in that bldg.

    SLIMM901SLIMM90128 kun oldin
  • Đẳng cấp quá anh

    Dragon 1988Dragon 198828 kun oldin
  • Keep pushing Johnny keep motivating...

    Te UppTe Upp28 kun oldin
  • Anh lên để phụ đề nữa cho người việt xem.

    Nguyễn KiênNguyễn Kiên28 kun oldin
  • Yeaa

    Aron K0341Aron K034128 kun oldin

    J NOELJ NOEL28 kun oldin
  • that "WISH" Paul Wall is super corny

    jarvis thomasjarvis thomas29 kun oldin
  • Johnny dang the 🐐 no 🧢. Salute G 😈

    Tai WicksTai Wicks29 kun oldin
  • This man partying .in working at the same dam time

    Derrick DunnDerrick Dunn29 kun oldin
  • that body guard so sick of them nukkas hahaha

    King LinoKing Lino29 kun oldin

    Vaunte MusiqVaunte Musiq29 kun oldin
  • Jesus Christ loves you, Repent from this and seek him

    Rionte CooperRionte Cooper29 kun oldin
  • Everybody shining through COVID

    Lil Rail Short RailLil Rail Short Rail29 kun oldin
  • Now everyone that works for him feel entitled too. Smh

    Andrew LeeAndrew Lee29 kun oldin
  • 👍⭐⭐⭐

    Dignify SukkunyaDignify Sukkunya29 kun oldin
  • ✌🏾🙏🏾🐜mahalo

    sinnceer erasinnceer era29 kun oldin
  • Johnny inspired me to make big moves

    Raul MoraRaul Mora29 kun oldin
  • Get money. Stay icy

    Made Dollaz MDMade Dollaz MD29 kun oldin
  • Please people before you go by any jewellery go watch a UZworld video called diamonds are worthless and you would understand why these guys Are hassling you

    Mo IzMo Iz29 kun oldin
    • Only if you buying for re sale purposes, other than that, just to look cool

      2 Train2 Train28 kun oldin
  • Pro 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

    khoa Rùakhoa Rùa29 kun oldin
  • What a good life.

    MostHated818MostHated81829 kun oldin
  • Wow

    Hong VuongHong Vuong29 kun oldin
  • Da màu họ thích hột xoàn, chịu chơi thật.

    Tran AnhTran Anh29 kun oldin
  • And just like that Gervonta Davis got indicted

    Scott FreeScott Free29 kun oldin
  • Ah, lil Duval is always such a salty clueless little prick! Johnny needs to learn some racial jokes to throw back his ass and see if he can take it!

    Evan O'neillEvan O'neill29 kun oldin
  • Lil Duval is a twat for saying that about Johnny...

    G O-IG O-IOy oldin
  • I love gold 💛

    GoldenstandardGoldenstandardOy oldin
  • Johnys jackets be 🔥🔥🔥

    Donnie JDonnie JOy oldin
  • Yasssssss sirrrrrrrrrr......😂

    tjenissatjenissaOy oldin
  • Lil Jon got held for questioning at the Vietnamese Airport Immigration a couple of years back. He was wearing too many gold chains and had to explain, why he’s leaving Vietnam with all 💎 💍 that stuff hanging around his neck. The situation got resolved in the end and all was clear. Lil Jon went back home to the Sherwood forest, where he has archery matches with Robin Hood. I swear true story

    Dominic TranDominic TranOy oldin
  • 🤘🤘🤘🤘💖💖💖💖

    Thân TrọngThân TrọngOy oldin
  • johnny, johnny a rất tuyệt vời

    Uyenphuong PhamUyenphuong PhamOy oldin
  • No competition with moneybagg yo! Everything big big diamonds

    Pallab BaruahPallab BaruahOy oldin
  • Johnny my blasian😎🏀

    youngboss 97youngboss 97Oy oldin
  • Nhìn cái hình cover tưởng binz 🤣

    Kelly LamKelly LamOy oldin
  • My idol:

    Bạc liêu Bầu trờiBạc liêu Bầu trờiOy oldin
  • I know that you will not ignore me. Please, I put all my confidence in you 🥺🙏 I dream every day, every minute and second that you will help me and my baby girl's condition will improve thanks to you

    Lili DandeoLili DandeoOy oldin
    • Send me your WhatsApp number

  • I am an orphan of a father. I have a mother who is sick with cancer. I want help from you if you want my good brothers. If you know that my baby daughter does not sometimes find milk, I drink water instead of milk, but she will grow up with a problem not with food but at home. Help me please, and I will not forget this charitable work for you.🥺🙏🙏

    Lili DandeoLili DandeoOy oldin
  • My brothers, I am the mother of a baby girl. I do not have a place to live, even a room and a bathroom for my brother. If you can help me for my baby girl, I am in dire need of your help. Please and thank you😔

    Lili DandeoLili DandeoOy oldin
    • How about $1000

      bella angelobella angelo29 kun oldin
    • I don't know, sir, you can😔

      Lili DandeoLili Dandeo29 kun oldin
    • How much u need?

      bella angelobella angelo29 kun oldin
  • Fire that guy immediately for disrespectfully trying to impersonate lil Jon 😂

    Michael GoreeMichael GoreeOy oldin
    • super corny

      jarvis thomasjarvis thomas29 kun oldin
  • He should put blue diamonds for the bleu part of his name

    mzboutmabreadmzboutmabreadOy oldin
  • Tank davis prison

    Huy NguyễnHuy NguyễnOy oldin
  • hh nhìn qua cái thumnal tưởng Binz qua mỹ gặp a làm răng 🤣

    Huy HóaHuy HóaOy oldin
  • Đỉnh của đỉnh

    Phương TrịnhPhương TrịnhOy oldin
  • Dude’s stupid for real, he said there should be a law where everybody should speak English. Fun fact, America has no official language. Johnny Dang speaks 2 languages, how many do you speak? 21st century already, Get wit it!!

    Humble BeginningHumble BeginningOy oldin
    • @AB 87 Comedian or not his ancestors spoke a totally different language, appreciate and respect other people and cultures man cuz the world is bigger than English and America. Another fun fact #1 spoken language worldwide is actually Cantonese. 👍

      Humble BeginningHumble Beginning20 kun oldin
    • He's a comedian lol

      AB 87AB 8720 kun oldin
  • Johnny really living above life salute to you Johnny living the good life.

    Reese RossReese RossOy oldin
  • should start a vlog johnny

    》》DADiii_JAY》》DADiii_JAYOy oldin
  • That part with lil duval was racist af what he said to Johnny there needs to be a law saying he needs to speak English. Because he doesn’t know what Johnny was saying

    Kenneth NgKenneth NgOy oldin
  • """" Think that 9,99% viene's are Students ☣

    SaddAm GuRu pSaddAm GuRu pOy oldin
  • Con hâm mộ chú thực sự

    Nguyễn Thanh VươngNguyễn Thanh VươngOy oldin
  • Johnny’s white boy be trying so hard! 🤣

    Fua MikiFua MikiOy oldin
    • he super corny

      jarvis thomasjarvis thomas29 kun oldin
    • At least somebody gets what I was seeing lol. I don’t think Jonny gets that concept because Jonny is also an immigrant and he’s one of a kind. He don’t get that those wannabes like that white boi be all over the trailer parks of America lol

      Andrew LeeAndrew Lee29 kun oldin
  • Johhny the best of all time. So chill , he’s the Real Diamond Boy ‼️⭐️

    Yxung TrapAholicYxung TrapAholicOy oldin
  • I bet everybody thought lil John fell off. That man living good!!!

    Dwayne HarmonDwayne HarmonOy oldin
    • Don’t gotta make another song a day in his life and would still eat

      2 Train2 Train28 kun oldin
    • Yeaaaaaaaa - lil Jon

      GoldenstandardGoldenstandardOy oldin
  • Johnny Dang😍👍

    Trương Nhật KýTrương Nhật KýOy oldin
  • Quá đỉnh chú ơi..đc theo chú đào tạo dạy con thì tốt

    Sơn NguyễnSơn NguyễnOy oldin
  • Tuyệt quá chú ơi

    • Đúng là Vietnam

      Phong NguyễnPhong NguyễnOy oldin
  • Yall needs to get ddg

    lifestle musiclifestle musicOy oldin

    SiMk 5’s WorldSiMk 5’s WorldOy oldin
  • lil duval left a bad taste in my mouth. He always has something negative to say about Johnny. He’s not funny at all.

    Handmaiden Of the LordHandmaiden Of the LordOy oldin

      The Finest MixtapesThe Finest Mixtapes29 kun oldin