3 Year Anniversary Party Johnny Dang and Co Flagship Store

25-Okt, 2019
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"As another year at my flagship location winds down I want to again thank everyone who has ever shopped at my store , visited my website , liked a picture , of even left a comment on a post. All of those gestures are the support We need and appreciate so very much to consistently deliver you nothing but the best! To those that could not make it to my celebration this past weekend , I know you would if you could and for that I am grateful and thankful. For those that did make it out , words cannot explain the joy and great time I had spending time with you as we celebrated three years. The only thing left to do now is continue to work hard , be innovative, and make it to year four! Friends, family , clients , fans , supporters THANK YOU!!" - Johnny Dang
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    Cheki HillCheki Hill7 kun oldin
  • 这位碹石哥胆大過一般人.心量也大.有錢有碹石多.了不起越南人.讚你👍👍👍🙏

    Hock TanHock TanOy oldin
  • mayby i can use cap for special price 😜

    Ted DebrahTed Debrah2 oy oldin
  • I asked the same Question where is Paul wall and Christal

    Mayunta KentMayunta Kent3 oy oldin
  • Beautiful family 💯❤️

    Mayunta KentMayunta Kent3 oy oldin
  • Jonny boy why you have to steal from my boy man 👎🏽

    thomas riverathomas rivera3 oy oldin
  • Cool dude

    savvagoonersavvagooner4 oy oldin
  • Yes sirrr Congrat Johny dang

    bảo nguyễnbảo nguyễn5 oy oldin
  • The kids look so kind and humble. I hope they stay like that even when they're older.

    L TL T5 oy oldin
  • Ayo johnny lend me 50.000 on the front

    Mo AlexanderMo Alexander6 oy oldin
  • Johny loves money more than luxury..I can tell

  • congratulations johnny dang!!! your videos are a joy to watch...keep inspiring us with your hardwork and great attitude!!

    karshekarshe6 oy oldin
  • Learn a skill, be a hairdresser, plumber, lawyer, doctor, accountant, computer engineer, ...

    johndee759johndee7598 oy oldin
  • I wanna be like Johnny. College is awesome for the knowledge you gain and for the people you meet. In this day and age I would recommend to study a skill that you can apply in later life. Then truly you can work hard and become successful.

    johndee759johndee7598 oy oldin

    De DubDe Dub11 oy oldin
  • Johnny where’s Paul wall at?

    4Ever One4Ever OneYil oldin
  • They can careless about Thoes black peoples

    Hail 2 The victorsHail 2 The victorsYil oldin
  • im a big fan of you jhonny repsect from france

    Wavy SeekWavy SeekYil oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/i4zVm9OPdrmsa3g Gotta see this. What Zia Cooke is doing is Christ like. I'm trying to get grill for her nobody's getting back to me

    Stratman Cooke IIIStratman Cooke IIIYil oldin
  • Johnny looks like thay guy yo7 can get high with and will make you laugh all day! but he is on point. 👆

    Mohamed RahmanMohamed RahmanYil oldin
  • Congratulations Johnny.

    Mone't BatisteMone't BatisteYil oldin
  • Yaaa see n all of you going out my mind flying wit you Mr.J.Dang you know it'll all follow us even when the brightest star comes to you reason isn't me shinnings all I ever wanna do bring me back in time when I first meet you telling my store it took me by something that fall from the sky ya you were the reason why I had to follow through just being inthwgamei really know my family is and realest I ever wanna be around just going through the motion has been nothing id ever but willing to change nope famous is what you're choice and now all my diamonds are really famous as you king world bling ya its cause of your dreams IMA follow you

    Louiecreazeno LucianocreazenoLouiecreazeno LucianocreazenoYil oldin
  • Johnny dang making rich nigga movies for a Asian haha

    godblesschild808godblesschild808Yil oldin
  • Congratulations Johnny

    702BOSSLLC702BOSSLLCYil oldin
  • Didn't understand a fucking word Johnny was saying! #RealTalk

    Paul HarrisPaul HarrisYil oldin
  • I WAS THERE WHYYYYYYYYY plus I didnt know johnny jr was there

    Noah NguyenNoah NguyenYil oldin
  • Yes sir

    Marco HernandezMarco HernandezYil oldin
  • Ice me out #MMPM

    CjDaGr48 & Cb MarvoCjDaGr48 & Cb MarvoYil oldin
  • Good dude

    Jay ArthurJay ArthurYil oldin
  • All eyez 👀 on ya ya wife . Like or comment

    ChodenVlogsChodenVlogsYil oldin
  • The american dream achieved,only in america and Johnny dang did it

    Karl BlakKarl BlakYil oldin
  • Happy as hell for this dudes success. He doesnt come from money , he made his own way ! You can tell the family looks divided though . Step daughter and son keep their distance with eachother . Regardless , hats off to this dude ! They'll be some narrow minded jealous fuckers in the comments talking about " he ripped off so many rappers and boo hoo " but nobody made them spend their money and if you want quality shit with no cap , hes the man to go to !

    Evan O'neillEvan O'neillYil oldin
  • A chị giỏi thật đó sang bên đó gặp thời gặp may mắn làm giàu trên đất mỹ chúc anh chị vạn sự như ý

    Anh ĐồiAnh ĐồiYil oldin
  • Congratulations.

    Demarquis JohnsonDemarquis JohnsonYil oldin
  • ước gì chú đặng làm cái vòng tay có chữ ký của Justin Bieber tặng cho cháu nhỉ . k có điều kiện chú ạ

    K H O IK H O IYil oldin

    Lil Gyptian WolfLil Gyptian WolfYil oldin
  • Where da homie Paul at thou

    Glock19 HerreraGlock19 HerreraYil oldin
    • He was at Astros game

      johnnydangandcojohnnydangandcoYil oldin
  • Shouts out to King Of Bling And His 3 yrs of hard work . 💪🏻🙏🏻💙 and his 22 yrs of business

    Nathan CruzNathan CruzYil oldin
  • I hope he teaches his son how to make jewelry Johnny Dang Junior

    Lil ChrisLil ChrisYil oldin
  • America is such a blessed country filled of opportunities. It is so motivating seeing immigrants making it there

    Noblesse MukendiNoblesse MukendiYil oldin
  • Them kids got the “vietnamese ass whoopings work face” 🤣😂

    Chris HillChris HillYil oldin
  • 3:50 very admirable

    Tommy ReusseTommy ReusseYil oldin
  • Keep living your best Life JD!!! A beautiful family!!! 💯

    MPC TV. Music,Production & Culture Television!MPC TV. Music,Production & Culture Television!Yil oldin
  • Love From San Diego California Dang!! 💯 Ya BoY LOWDAWG !!!

  • Congrats Johnny. We F#$K's wit you!

    Mark AntiguaMark AntiguaYil oldin
  • I don't think ICEBOX would ever throw a party.... Only Johnny Dang !!!!

    Henry Ortiz JrHenry Ortiz JrYil oldin
  • We love ya Johnny..... ICE TRAY THE GANG ❗️❗️❗️

    Valentino ValentineValentino ValentineYil oldin
  • z ro abn one of my top 10 goats rappers peace n congrates johnny from oj in london uk

    mrbluraytv ojmrbluraytv ojYil oldin
  • one day bro bless up

    biggadon firebiggadon fireYil oldin
  • #TX"! 🤠🏆😎


  • Y yo kids don’t have ice 🥶

    Nerline EximaNerline EximaYil oldin
  • CJ SO COOL sent me!! Congratulations Johnny you seem like a genuine man with a beautiful family who understand that what you do you do it for them 100%. Life is short to waste. My dad always told me to Dream big, Conquer and enjoy everything you do in life :) Love Tania from Australia xxxx

    Tania My Wheely Life LewisTania My Wheely Life LewisYil oldin
  • Someone messed up the music at the end wtf

    Prolific Tee EntProlific Tee EntYil oldin
  • CONGRATULATIONS on the Anniversary Diamond Boy👍🏽

    ES PowellES PowellYil oldin
  • Congrats on your continuing success. Where is Paul Wall?

    Carl HowardCarl HowardYil oldin
    • Baseball game

      AntonjlaveyAntonjlaveyYil oldin
  • Congratulations 🎉 to Johnnydang and the company 💯💯💪🏿

    Vice VersaVice VersaYil oldin
  • Clearly his party was wack Plastic cups and shit Nobody came to support him anyways

    Damir LjoljeDamir LjoljeYil oldin
  • Congrats

    David LeckyDavid LeckyYil oldin
  • That soundtrack was fucking garbage. My God the last few minutes is confusing as hella sound wise.

    BDG9Six BayAreaBDG9Six BayAreaYil oldin
  • Sorry Jhonny but your wife looks like she bored as fuck...

    Leroy RodriquezLeroy RodriquezYil oldin
  • 🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿

    Life of Cee maneLife of Cee maneYil oldin
  • I wish nothing but success to this man. So humble and icon. Entrepreneur of the current generation. Keep grinding johnny salute from the Raq 💯

    Bandoblock 4Bandoblock 4Yil oldin
  • Dude so happy he shouted out j prince before his family. Lol. He’s like Yes I don’t have to worry about getting rob no more when I have then best protection in h town.

    Anthony FamAnthony FamYil oldin
    • Johnny never got rob

      Alfredo LandaAlfredo LandaYil oldin
  • King-A-Bling 💎

    Buddy RAREBuddy RAREYil oldin
  • Why did your wife check out that man's package like that keep yo eye on her

    Saint LE-Lee EvolSaint LE-Lee EvolYil oldin
  • Thanks for supporting the community.

    Teddy LeoTeddy LeoYil oldin

    Adrienne PattonAdrienne PattonYil oldin
  • Yes sir. Congratulations from Moroccan in Hong Kong 🇲🇦🇭🇰❤️ #diamondgame

    Khalid El OutmaniKhalid El OutmaniYil oldin
  • Beautiful Family !

    Guerrero LuisGuerrero LuisYil oldin
  • Keep winning,👌🤘🤟🤙🥳

    Robert ThomasRobert ThomasYil oldin
  • All I want is a grill.

    SUP richieSUP richieYil oldin
  • Nuff Respect Johhny Dang!!! #Salute!!!👑✨👑

    • soundcloud.com/user-281849430/its-like-a-jungle-wizardwax-remix

      ILL REELILL REELYil oldin
  • Johnny dang clang bang jang gang crang hang yang zang wang sang lang shang tang rang Xd 😘😘

    Danica ReyesDanica ReyesYil oldin
  • His two young ones very distant. He tried putting his hand over his son again he wasn't having it. Even his daughter. His wife look annoyed asf. He making all that money why empty🤔

    Francisco RobledoFrancisco RobledoYil oldin
    • @Francisco Robledo man that's not everyone. Have fun at ya job

      Shun Wan-Shi-TongShun Wan-Shi-TongYil oldin
    • They just nervous infront of everyone

      David LeckyDavid LeckyYil oldin
    • @Level Up I agree to disagree with all due respect. We only live once in this lifetime. Money ain't everything I rather be working a regular job and be there for my family from day 1 and watch them grow and strive as well. Than to be hated and resented for not being there for them while important years of their life if that makes sense.Just my opinion as we are all entitled to have.

      Francisco RobledoFrancisco RobledoYil oldin
  • I have $45,000 Grill 😝

    Mireya RomeroMireya RomeroYil oldin
  • Johnny should build a flagship store in Cali and New York

    VinArchivesVinArchivesYil oldin
    • Atlanta too. Steal some customers from Ice Box. Lol.

      lottolottoYil oldin
    • ...and in DC too

      ES PowellES PowellYil oldin
  • Johnny you can't!!! Laeve the game!! The hell the world coming?

    Q trugamer80Q trugamer80Yil oldin
  • His wife’ is beautiful she look like she could kick his ass though 😂 nice rack 🥰

    Craig C.Craig C.Yil oldin
    • Id love to see a tour of her jewelry collection. It must be insane.

      Peaceistheanswer27Peaceistheanswer27Yil oldin
  • I don’t know Johnny dang nor have I ever met him. But seeing about a dozen of his videos and hearing Paul wall speak about him. I’m pretty sure Johnny dang is a good guy with a big heart. Probably the reason why he is so successful All that good karma coming back to him. I’m pretty sure.

    Anthony FamAnthony FamYil oldin
  • On the real Johnny you inspire me. I am 26, Hispanic, married, 2 kids, sober, and work hard and someone like you makes me proud to be this way. You a real man, you take care of your family, and you show GENUINE love to employees and your friends. I want to own a business like you one day big dog and would love to be someone like you one day! Congrats on the success Johnny Dang!!! #FlawlessGang

    D. HurstD. HurstYil oldin
  • Happy 3rd year anniversary Johnny Dang and Co.! Congrats as well for having a successful business.. 🥂 🍻👌🏽

    MrJM214MrJM214Yil oldin
  • Congratulations Johnny

    DaRealKingCoopa VlogsDaRealKingCoopa VlogsYil oldin
  • His wife doesn't look happy

    MR BRRRMR BRRRYil oldin
    • I think she's just herself very humble .and looks like even with all tht cash she doesn't like being on cameras tht much. The kids too have manners unlike sm rich kids we knw lol

      Nelly MatalangaNelly Matalanga8 oy oldin
  • His wife is bad

    Streetvybz CustomsStreetvybz CustomsYil oldin
  • blessed can i be blessed!!!

    Dusse Jay FILMSDusse Jay FILMSYil oldin
  • Beautiful wife bro... Hard work really pays off, salute!!

    Da jacka killyaselfDa jacka killyaselfYil oldin
  • That's what's Johnny Dang keep it lit an keep doing your thing all work no play💯💯💯👍👍👍

    Travis ButerTravis ButerYil oldin
  • No 1 was there?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️🧨

    Aaron MarrowAaron MarrowYil oldin
    • Yes they were you blind?

      Hakeem RodgersHakeem RodgersYil oldin
  • What happen to the giveaway?!!!!!

    Victor RamirezVictor RamirezYil oldin
  • 💪🙏

    Pure LifePure LifeYil oldin
  • 90s 200s Jacob jewelry new generation is Johnny dang

    Rashaad AkilRashaad AkilYil oldin
    • No Jacob still got it. Jacob the jeweler is actually on a different level now, focusing on high-end luxury watches price over one million dollars each, people are just too broke to know that

      Daniel GeDaniel Ge4 oy oldin
  • Good job bro

    Aw BrizAw BrizYil oldin
  • 🍾💎 congratulations on your success and thank you for sharing

    Joshua RamirezJoshua RamirezYil oldin
  • where is paul wall?

    BlickfangBlickfangYil oldin
    • No shout out or anything.... is he at the baseball game

      AntonjlaveyAntonjlaveyYil oldin
  • @johnnydangandco how could I get my teeth fixed without have and problems. Because I think I may have an idea but would need your advice on person.

    Джошуа волисынДжошуа волисынYil oldin

    PhilPhilYil oldin
  • He forgot to say no cap. Lol 👍👌

    ed vaned vanYil oldin
  • I love your vids

    jaiden jaidenjaiden jaidenYil oldin
  • Ik his kids are like wtf is up with these plebs

    Uchiha UchihaUchiha UchihaYil oldin