2019 World Series Grillz Giveaway!!

22-Okt, 2019
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When The #Astros win WorldSeries, you are going to win Free Flawless diamond grillz!
Anyone who purchases a FLAWLESS GRILL between NOW , Oct 22nd and Oct 25th ( before 4pm )will get a FULL REFUND if the Astros WIN THE WORLD SERIES!! #WorldSeriesGrillz
Only purchases from 10/22-10/25 will Qualify
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  • I ADMIRE YOU... Your family 👪.. Your loyalty to yourself as a person to your customers.. I watch alot of the videos you post Johnny.. Im not asking for NOTHING.. Just know i see you and how far you've come!!! And it inspires me daily homie.. I was born in Oahu and was raised in a flea market.. So i know tge struggle of where you come from in EVERY ASPECT... May God continue to shower you gifts from above and may he bless your family and business... Lol.. From a Southern Samoan Rapper.. JuJu T-Fats 💘

    Juen SchusterJuen SchusterYil oldin
  • The question is HOW MANY TEETH do we gotta buy to quality....ckus I might only want 1 tooth

    Rico EntertainmentRico EntertainmentYil oldin
  • When the astros WIN the series just go ahead and bless me with the flawless mouthpiece..from Dallas to Houston #TEXAS

    Bydie BydieBydie BydieYil oldin
  • Damn i was waiting for this giveaway... and those are the terms??? Whoever can afford a “flawless” grill doesn’t need the money... That’s crazy johnny!! I’m disappointed

    ConvertibleJayConvertibleJayYil oldin
  • Can I win Johnny dang please I never won anything man god is watching always god is good remember that man love Sosa

    GoOniez 4LifeGoOniez 4LifeYil oldin
  • Give me gold teeth with the letter R diamond on it for free xd

    Danica ReyesDanica ReyesYil oldin
  • i need them grillz please also your the best if you give me them and iv always wanted grillz pleas complte my dream i also i lked and subscribed

    Rationz ytRationz ytYil oldin
  • you a real one Johny my girls family is from Vietnam and u remind me of her brother. truly kind hearted people. I hope to one day connect you guys. GO ASTROS!!!! "ICE TRAY DA GANG" yee

    Bay AreasBay AreasYil oldin
  • I'm a big fan of your work JD, keep em coming bro!

    kingAntB100kingAntB100Yil oldin
  • Best jeweler out there rn inspired was to want to become a custom jeweler after high schoo💯🙏🏿 hopefully one day I could meet u and learn

    Ryan GilhousenRyan GilhousenYil oldin
  • Ice tray da gang!!! Come on johnny I need ice from Johnny dang. Sharpstown mall original. Ice tray the gang. Astros stand up.

    Fernando MolinaFernando MolinaYil oldin
  • Astro's got diz... 5-6 handzdown💯Need dat🔥grillz

    Brian JohnsonBrian JohnsonYil oldin
  • Ajs trej

    Michael kozłowskiMichael kozłowskiYil oldin
  • Nigga I’m broke 😂lemme just whip out my Monopoly money.

    Forever God SentForever God SentYil oldin
  • Ice tray da gang!! Jonny dang you a real living legend bro!!

    Timothy IrvineTimothy IrvineYil oldin
  • When is the free grillz and ten thousand dollar give away ??????????????????????

    Marcus JohnsonMarcus JohnsonYil oldin
    • Marcus Johnson Never

      Kanye EastKanye EastYil oldin
  • Astros are going to win and 6top and 6 bottom

    Tabitha JohnsonTabitha JohnsonYil oldin
  • Please give me dem grillz. Astros looking for a 5-6 game series. Calling 6. Second one to comment

    BigReags0BigReags0Yil oldin
  • Ice the gang only one here dang

    Mykel JohnsonMykel JohnsonYil oldin